Haven’t Changed Your Car Oil in a While? This Is What Might Happen

Waiting too long to change your oil can have serious effects on your vehicle. In the short-term, parts that worked well will get extra wear and tear. In the long-term, you could be looking at a larger than normal repair bill.

Finding the Right Place

Getting your oil changed at the right place makes a big difference in how your car runs. An oil change American fork is a great choice for any vehicle, and has been recommended by many consumers. When a company has a good reputation, it will show in their work. Take a long look at the current place that changes the oil in your car. Are they doing a good job? Are they making necessary changes? And how often do they provide information to improve the overall experience? These are all small things that create the ‘right place’ for most drivers. It may seem trivial, but your vehicle health will be the ultimate deciding factor.


There are usually stipulations in your warranty directly related to the maintenance. Not getting regularly scheduled oil changes can void the warranty. You may also void the warranty by changing the oil yourself, or by using an unapproved location. There are layers to the warranty, with even the smallest detail being covered. If the person changing your oil uses a non-OEM oil filter, that may void your warranty. You also have to deal with issues if the wrong oil is used. Even if your warranty isn’t voided in that situation, the car manufacturer won’t cover the repairs caused by the mistake.

Engine Performance

Forgetting to change your oil is the easiest way to damage an engine. Poor engine performance is guaranteed when dirty oil is running through all of the vital parts. Along with the old oil, you’re using an old fuel filter that is barely able to keep up with your vehicles demands. What was once clean oil is not thick sludge that is slowing down every part of the car. As the engine works harder, you lose performance and gas mileage. That means more trips to the gas station, and more money leaving your wallet. Going too long with old oil can quickly go from a small inconvenience to a full engine breakdown. Once it gets to this point, then an oil change will be the least of your worries.

Vehicle History

Do you plan on reselling your vehicle? Not changing the oil will torpedo the resell value. This is especially true for high mileage cars that didn’t get regular oil changes. No one wants to pay a premium price for an inferior product, even if it is from a luxury manufacturer. A potential buyer can always pull the oil change history for a car – don’t ever let this fact be a surprise during the sale.

Take Care of Your Investment

When you pay good money for a reliable car, there is an expectation that it will be treated with care. Your car will always be at its best when the oil is changed regularly. Always remember that the cost of regular maintenance pales in comparison to the alternatives.

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