How To Be A Good Motorcycle Companion?

Maybe you travel a lot as a companion with someone who transports you on a motorcycle, and although that person you trust has taken a driving course, perhaps they were not taught to drive with a companion. Become an expert and show him that, in company, safety is guaranteed.

A motorcycle is mainly designed to behave in a certain way with a single person, this is how the weight distributions that each brand defines in each model are calculated.

So when you decide to travel with someone else, everything changes. Both the driver and the passenger must accommodate their actions to achieve the best behavior of the machine. For more motorcycle related blogs you can visit BikePriceBD also if you want to know the latest price of Bangladeshi motorcycles visit on Bike Price in Bangladesh.

Likewise, it must be taken into account that the movements you make as a passenger can destabilize the motorcycle, so it is very important that, as far as possible, the driver is always attentive to maneuver safely.

If you are going to ride a motorcycle as a “co-rider”, your behavior affects the result, so become an expert and prepare for a trip with a very happy ending:

  1. The driver must have experience driving with companions. If you’re just starting to drive, you’d better build up more practice. This is not the time to try new skills or, riskier still, for the driver to try to impress you with his skill and speed.
  2. Wear an appropriate helmet. Not because you are only the companion, your helmet should be decorative. It must be worn and buttoned at all times and must completely cover the face up to the chin. Do you want to know more about how to buy the right helmet? Here we tell you.

Likewise, at night you must use the reflective vest.

  1. Wear appropriate clothing. Even if it is hot, you should wear a leather jacket, or if you are used to being a motorcycle companion, protective jackets, specially designed for traveling in this type of vehicle & reflective vest. He also wears pants, at least jeans; closed shoes or, if you can, boots and gloves. This “armor” becomes your only protection against motorcycle speed.
  2. Tell the driver to get on first. Almost all passenger seats are too high for feet to easily reach the floor. Tell the motorcycle driver that you are going to get on, lean on the driver’s shoulders, approach the motorcycle from the side and get on. Sit fully upright. Prepare for the ride by leaning on the driver’s midsection.
  3. Accompany the rider in his movements. Curves are a time of risk and an inexperienced passenger can compromise the safety of the trip. The instinctual reaction is to lean to the opposite side of the curve for fear of falling. Eye. This should not be done.

The passenger must follow the rider in his movements and imitate them naturally.

  1. Keep your feet on the footrests. Do not take them out even if you can reach the ground, this does not help the driver. While riding in the vehicle, do not make any hand signals to other road users.
  2. Never lend yourself to traveling with children or pets. Children under the age of ten are not big enough to reach the footrests. Avoid putting their integrity at risk. In addition, if more than two people travel, you risk paying the corresponding fines.

With these tips you will be an ideal motorcycle companion. Remember that if the rider is someone you love and you never expect him to be involved in traffic incidents, you can share this article so he can be attentive and help other eventual travel companions. This way you will have all the necessary information so that your motorcycle trip is always safe.

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