Going on a Road Trip? Don’t Leave Without These 9 Essentials

When you are going on a road trip the excitement levels rise as you think about all of the places you have picked out on the map that you want to go to. In order to make your road trip a great success you also need to plan what you need to take along with planning your route.

Here are some essentials to take with you that need to be ticked off your checklist before you hit the road.

Make sure your phone is ready when you need it

So many of us rely on our smartphones these days. It is an essential tool that helps you do so many other things other than keep in touch with others.

That’s why it makes sense to have a vehicle cell phone booster with you for your road trip.

Take plenty of drinks and snacks

Your road trip is going to go better when you manage to keep your energy levels up at the right level.

Make sure you pack plenty of snacks and drinks for the journey. Having access to enough food and water keeps everyone happy. That’s good news for everyone in the vehicle.

Make sure you don’t get lost with a good navigation app

Another good reason for keeping your phone battery healthy is that it helps to have a decent navigation app downloaded for the journey.

A good app will not only give you directions but warn you of any travel problems and pinpoint places of interest along the way.

Pack some pain relief medication

When you spend long periods of time in a car it can give you a headache and can also give you a few aches and pains from sitting in one position for a few hours.

If you have some over-the-counter medication to hand it will help you cope with any minor aches and pains without disrupting your journey.

Have some games and puzzles on board

If you have some younger passengers you know how bored they can get. If you pack some travel games and puzzles to play it will help pass the time and keep them amused.

You might even be pleased to have something for all the passengers to do if you get any unexpected delays.

Not everyone wants to share the same music

Some wireless headphones for the journey would also be a great idea. Not everyone has the same taste in music and some want to be able to look around without any noisy distractions.

Passengers can stay entertained and be less of a distraction when they have headphones.


Having some cozy blankets with you is always a good call. Some passengers can feel the cold when the air conditioning is on, and it helps when someone wants to get some sleep when they have a nice blanket to make them feel comfortable.

Flashlights and headlamps always come in handy

You never know when you might need some extra personal lighting on your trip. It makes it safer and easier to navigate in remote spots when you have some lighting options with you.

Medical kit

Minor injuries and soon spoil a trip if you don’t have a basic medical kit to hand. Packing a first aid kit for your trip is a real no-brainer and could save you time and money when you can patch someone up without needing to visit a medical center.

If you have all of these essentials on your packing list you should find that your road trip is a great success and everyone arrives feeling relaxed and ready to explore a new area.

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