Going Forward With a Ford: Why You Should Buy a Ford as Your Next Ride

Ford makes some of the best cars on the market. Whether you’re considering buying a Ford or just curious, here’s why you should buy a Ford as your next ride.

Did you know that Henry Ford built his first vehicle in 1896?
With so many years of building and perfecting vehicles, it’s no surprise that Ford is still a popular choice when it comes to choosing a ride. After all, Ford makes some of the best cars that you can buy.
Keep reading to learn why you should buy a Ford when you’re ready for a new car.
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Why You Should Buy a Ford as Your Next Ride

Whether you choose to buy your next Ford from this site or another dealer you can have peace of mind that everyone will want you to get behind the wheel of the perfect vehicle for you.
There are so many reasons to buy a Ford check them out:

1. Best Sellers

Some of the most popular cars in the world are Ford models. The Ford F-150 has been a top selling truck for many years. Even those that don’t own an F-150 know the name.
The Ford Fiesta is another great example – they are a best seller and one of the most popular cars on the planet. It actually was popular in the UK before it became popular in the US.

2. Safety

Ford uses the latest technology to rank highest in the competition when it comes to safety. They have different safety features to give you peace of mind. Including inflatable rear safety belts, and lane departure warnings – to name a few.
They also have crash avoidance technology to keep an accident from ever happening. What’s better than being safe during a crash? Not having one at all!

3. History

The Ford brand has made a name for itself. It has been around for so long that many people know about it. It’s actually one of the oldest car companies in the nation.
Ford has been a family-owned company since its humble beginnings. The company is dedicated to helping families get the reliable transportation that they need in order to do what they have to do. Whether that’s school, work, errands they want their customers to have the most reliable vehicle out there.
There are even museums across the United States that you can go learn more about the Ford name and the history behind the name. Not many car manufacturers have multiple museums everywhere from Florida to Michigan sharing their history.

4. EcoBoost

Something that makes Ford stand out from among the competition is their EcoBoost technology. Ford engineers focus on optimizing fuel economy without taking away from the power of the car. You will still have direct injection, a turbocharged engine, and lightweight engineering along with EcoBoost.

5. Service

Ford prides itself in its service to the customer. They want everyone to feel like part of the Ford family from the moment they walk in the door. No matter what your Ford vehicle needs they have experts across the nation to give your vehicle the service it needs and deserves.
When it comes to service they are located all over the nation giving you peace of mind when you’re traveling outside of your home area. If something were to happen while you’re on vacation or traveling there are Ford dealerships everywhere.
You can always call the closest service station to bring in your vehicle and the technicians will make sure to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. Owning a big brand name such as Ford gives you a little more peace of mind that no matter where you are in the country you can always find a professional technician to help you.

6. Variety

Ford has something for everyone. No matter if you’re looking for a small hatchback, an oversized truck to pull an RV, a sports car, or a family car – Ford has exactly the vehicle what you need. They have such a diverse lineup of cars that there literally is something for everyone.

7. Performance

Ford likes to deliver performance with its cars. They have cars like the GT and the Mustang that give the driver excellent power and handling. On top of great power and handling, they added the EcoBoost mentioned above giving their vehicles efficiency as well.
Not many vehicles have both fuel efficiency and power. Normally it’s one or the other and you have to compromise as the vehicle owner. Ford prides itself in not making its consumers compromise.

8. Technology

The diverse car lineup that Ford has all include the latest technology. From navigation systems to Bluetooth technology, they have what drivers are looking for. Whether you’re going on a road trip or your daily commute you will have the technology you need for your entertainment right at your fingertips.
They also incorporated safety along with their technology in their vehicles which is where driver assistance features come in.

Happy Ford Searching

As you can see with the list above there are many reasons to buy a Ford vehicle. Their long history in the vehicle industry speaks for itself. These are only some of the reasons to consider buying a Ford if you’re looking for a new ride.
You have many options on the type of vehicle you want and also options to buying brand new, used, or Certified Pre-Owned. No matter which route you take Ford will stand behind their name and they will make sure you’re welcomed into the Ford family with open arms.
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