Giti Tire Motorsport All-female team celebrates their 5th Nürburgring 24-Hour Race

It was way back 1925 when Nürburgring, a complex where motorsports happen started to emerge in the west part of Germany. In fact, it became popular worldwide. This type of sport held its first race with the involvement of two risky and lengthy loops. The first loop, known as the Nordschleife, located on the north, measures 14.2 miles while the southern part or what they call as Südschleife, measures about 4.8 miles. Due to these loops, even the veteran riders find it backbreaking because of its steep elevation as well as blind corners. Having this in mind, someone actually called Nürburgring as a “Green Hell” knowing the risks that it might impose upon doing the activity. Despite all of this, riders are still on the go when it comes to new challenges that is why this type of sports became remarkable.

Daredevil angels in disguise were finally born.

In 2015, the directors of WS Racing, Thomas Rehlinger and Thorsten Willems managed an organization of racing team which involves an all-female crew. However, this event did not take place upon planning it and it took some time before it was finally executed in 2019. The Giti all-women team is composed of three ladies whose names are; Carrie Schreiner, Jasmin Preisig, and Ronja Assmann. The technical team behind this group is also composed of all females. According to the team manager’s wife, Nicole Willems, motorsports is for anyone as long as they have a passion for it.

Why did they trust Giti Tire over the competition?

It was 1951 when Giti Tire founded its company. Throughout the years of creating tires, they had already mastered their crafts which leads to the production of high-quality products. But it was 2016, when they decided to enter the world of motorsports. The tires that Giti offers are all very varied. Furthermore, products of Giti Tires are all eco-friendly as they do not just concentrate on profiting but also in producing products that are all-out and good for the environment.

Women finally conquered the racing tracks.

The team’s first-ever car racing in the VLN Endurance was held in 2019 at the Nürburgring complex. The all-female gained popularity right after having the first spot in the international level of the competition. Indeed, this first-ever car racing is truly a remarkable and a life-changing event.

Upcoming Nürburgring 24-Hour Race.

This year, the most awaited event is about to happen as the Giti Tire Company is celebrating its 5th year in the world of racing. Meanwhile, it is also their 3rd year in sponsoring an all-women team in the racing industry that is why this coming June 5-6, big events will happen. In fact, there are four cars that are qualified to join the competition and these will be maneuvered by the aspiring ladies namely Carrie Schreiner, Célia Martin, Christina Nielsen, and Pippa Mann.

Aside from the car racing which is the main competition, there are other activities to be found there such as the launching of the videos that were taken from the practice laps. There are also exciting and fun games to do such as the mobile driving. There are so many things to enjoy this upcoming June 2021 that is why people should await this big event.

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