Getting An Unregistered Car Removed From Your Premises – The Complete Checklist

Unregistered cars on your premises can spell trouble. Not just because they can turn into hazards but because the legalities involved make these cases incredibly complex. However, if you do know the nitty gritty, this won’t be as complicated. Even though this information can be hard to come by, worry not because this checklist will surely help you out. 

Don’t Drive an Unregistered Car

When it comes to unregistered cars, you should know better than to take them out on the road. Driving an unregistered car can invite a world of trouble. If the police do happen to stop you, they will not only fine you for driving an unregistered car around, they could seize the vehicle. Taking an unregistered car out on the road is only permitted if you’re driving to get it registered. 

There are very few situations where one is allowed to drive an unregistered vehicle in the country of Australia. However, the law requires the car to be in top physical condition regardless of what the situation is. Furthermore, most of these cases require permits from the concerned authorities. This would apply to the purchase of the car being out of the driver’s state or if you are moving the vehicle to a different location. 

Getting Your Car Registered

If you are perusing this article, you are very likely wondering if getting your car registered is worth it at all. Registration costs vary from state to state and so do the prerequisites. For example, in New South Wales and the Northern Territory cars older than 5 years need a  technical check before the renewal. In Victoria and Queensland, you will be required to furnish the customer number when renewing your registration. 

While rego renewal can be done online, remember that if you are not the car owner, things are a little more tricky. Unfortunately, if the car has been abandoned at your property there are a different set of procedures to follow. Since you can’t claim ownership of such a vehicle, you will have to start by reporting to the authorities. Only once they have investigated the car, can you proceed to the next steps. 

Evaluate The Condition 

As we mentioned previously, sometimes it is not worth renewing the rego on a car. In case the repair costs are adding up or the vehicle is simply too old to drive, you are right to wonder if you should spend your money on re-registration. When you are posed with such a decision, it is best to sell. Of course, you can legally sell an unregistered car but selling a car with severe issues will be no cakewalk. 

You will be hard-pressed to find a dealership or a private buyer willing to take a car in poor condition out of your hands. We would advise you to call a reputed car removal company in this scenario. If you find a service that is reliable, they will be willing to buy a car in pretty much any condition and pay you a decent amount for your troubles.

Address The Paperwork

When it comes to selling a car, there is quite a bit of paperwork that you as the seller have to take care of. If the car is unregistered, the paperwork can prove to be a hassle. In many situations, you will be required to obtain a roadworthy certificate or safety certificate before selling. These requirements as with other car-related matters vary from state to state. 

For example, in the state of Queensland, you have to provide mandatory CTP insurance along with an unregistered vehicle permit before transporting it. Similarly, all states have different requirements when it comes to selling an unregistered vehicle. We would always advise you to check with your local authorities and maintain a paper trail. This is necessary for record-keeping and protecting yourself. Keep proof of payment, previous registration, buyer details, etc handy.

The Question of Removal

Ultimately what you’re looking for is a quick and easy way to get rid of an unused car from your premises. We have to warn you that the towing option can get expensive. If you are indeed selling to a private buyer, we would suggest you leave the transportation troubles to them. In case you are selling to a cash for car service, they will likely get it removed on the same day.

 Now if the car falls under the abandoned category, there are certain things to take care of before you get rid of the car. Once you have reported the vehicle to the authorities, you can apply for an uncollected goods certificate. This will only be provided if the authorities are unable to reach the last registered owner. You then have the right to sell or tow away the car. We would advise you to contact auto experts, especially in the case of a vehicle like this. 

While an unregistered vehicle can seem like a mounting headache, it definitely doesn’t have to be. Renewing the rego is an easy enough process if you have the registration details, so is selling the car. A crisis arises only when registration details are unavailable as is the case with an abandoned vehicle. There are still a number of options available, all of which have been outlined above to help you out.

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