How to Get Complete Tire Service in Your Insurance Plan?

Tires are one of the most vital components in a vehicle. They are responsible for various functions – acceleration, braking, supporting the weight of the car, turning, and numerous others. It is why one should always equip the vehicle with quality tires purchased through reliable & trustworthy sources.

Buying tires from non-credible sources is never recommended in any case. The reason is that they are mostly selling counterfeit tyres which are quite dangerous. It is hard to distinguish to between a genuine and a counterfeit tire. That’s why we recommend purchasing through reliable sources. Let’s have a look at the dangers of buying counterfeit tires.

Dangers of Counterfeit Tires

These tires are made from low-quality rubber and metal obtained from scrapyards. On the other hand, credible manufacturers use top quality rubber and metal in their production process. Due to the low-quality material being used, low-quality tires can burst any time and are more prone to punctures. That’s not all.

You will also suffer a considerable drop in performance. The braking distance will increase considerably, while the car’s handling would be off. Therefore, always opt for quality tires from credible sources. However, tires are expensive and are prone to damage. Tire theft is also a common issue in many parts of the world. What to do in such situations?

Obviously, one cannot always guard their car. Tyres can get damaged in an accident as well. Even hitting into a curb can damage the tire. The best way to deal with such situations is by having insurance for your tires. Most people think that tire insurance does not exist. However, they are wrong. Let’s take a look at basics of car insurance and see how you can get your tires covered as well.

Car Insurance

Many of you would already know that car insurance is compulsory in many countries around the world.

It is mandatory to have car insurance in UAE, UK, USA, Canada, and most European countries. The minimal insurance that one must have is third-party insurance. In it, the damage to the other party is covered, while you are responsible for paying for your own damages. If you are an infrequent driver, opt for third-party insurance.

On the other hand, there is comprehensive insurance. It covers the damages to the third-party and your own as well. Comprehensive insurance is more expensive than third-party. If you spend a lot of time driving, there is an increased likelihood of an accident. In that case, you should opt for comprehensive car insurance.

Insurance companies like: PitstopArabia offer further add-ons to users. These add-ons are like added features that are in addition to the basic plan. Most companies provide them along with their comprehensive insurance plans. For example, car insurance services in the UAE offer an add-on that extends the same plan to other GCC countries.

Likewise, personal damages add-on is also provided. It allows a person to claim hospital expenses up to a specific limit. As we have mentioned that tires are among the most vital components of a vehicle, many companies have also started to offer optional tire service add-ons in their insurance plans.

Tire Service in your Insurance Plan

The tire service add-on is like a protection for your tire. In case your tires get damaged in an accident, are vandalized, or stolen, you can file a claim with your insurance provider. It is necessary that you opt for this add-on because tires are quite expensive. Modern tyres cost thousands of dollars.

If you own a high-end vehicle like a Ford Edge, it is likely that you would want to equip them with equally high-end tires from brands like Pirelli or Continental. In that case, your Ford Edge tires would end up costing a lot. Imagine if someone slashed your tires or stole them. Not only would you be heartbroken but also suffer a financial setback.

In such cases, having a tire add-on for your Ford Edge tyres does not seem like a bad thing. Most tire service add-ons do not cover the cost of punctures or tire repair. Similarly, if the tire is damaged because of a manufacturing defect, the add-on will not cover it. In case of misuse, e.g. overloading tyre beyond its load-carrying capacity, the insurance provider will not cover the damages.

Wrap Up

Tires are an expensive but a necessary investment. Therefore, you should protect them by having a tire service add-on as a part of your insurance plan. Even if your tires are slashed or damaged in an accident, you don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing your expensive tires from your own pocket.

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