Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Summer for many people is the time for relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends. Many people prefer to enjoy the summer weather by making road trips which can be the perfect way to discover and explore the beauty of the nature.

Whilst there are dry roads and clear views, driving in summer time can still be challenging. So ensuring your car is checked and prepared before driving is definatly needed in order to avoid any risk and make it easier for your car to deal with the high temperatures.

Check Your Brakes

Brakes are the most important safety mechanism on car.

If you notice your brakes making noises or demanding extra pressure and longer stopping distances then its best that you get them inspected or repaired before you start your trip.

Check Your Tyres

Tyres have a massive impact on performance and safety. In summer tyre pressure can be effected with rising temperatures.

Over-inflated tyres make less contact with the road surface which can cause hydroplaning during summer thunderstorms.

An under-inflated tyre puts undo pressure on the tyre sidewall and with enough heat and pressure, the tyre can blow.

Air Conditioning

In hot weather air-conditioning is essential. You dont want to get stuck in the summer heat without a cool airflow.

Turn your air temperature to the coldest setting and your fans up. If you feel cold air then your air conditioning is working perfectly! If not, then check the refrigerant inside the system, it may need to be replenished.

If that doesnt work then your car needs to be checked in a garage.

Make sure to use your air conditioning regularly even in winter, which means all of its parts will be utilised and will ensure they work better.

Check The Oil

Long journeys driving in high temperatures can cause an overheated engine.

So before you take that long distance summer road trip, make sure to check if your oil or oil filters need replacing.

Windscreen wipers

After a harsh winter with many days of rain and snow, your windscreen wipers will probably be worn down and in need of replacement. Ensuring your windscreen is clean improves visibility and safety.

If you have a crack or chip in your car windscreen, or to some other section of your car glass, then you had better contact a vehicle glass repair and replacement company to get a windscreen repair or replacement.

 Other tips to care for your vehicle in the hottest season

Clean your battery:

After a cold winter its highly recommended that your battery be checked and tested to ensure its working properly. Cold temperatures barely affect batteries so summer could be the best time to check their performance.

Check all the lights and the bulbs:

Before you making your road trips, make sure all your headlights, brake lights and indicators are working properly as well as checking that the dipping function is working for full beam headlights.

Remember, preparing for your summer road trips is not only about preparing yourself, it is also about making sure your vehicle is prepared as well.

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