How to Get Your Car Ready When Heading Out On a Road Trip

Road trips are exciting, and it&;s a great way of exploring new regions within your locality and other areas. Ensuring you take your car for servicing spares you a great time wasted on the road repairing the vehicle. Though it&39;s impossible to prevent every mechanical breakdown, it ensures you enjoy your journey without worries. Here are a few tips on how to get your car ready.

Check the Battery

Ensure the battery is tight and corrosion-free, and in case of corrosion, you will have to disconnect it and use a wire brush to clean the connectors. It&39;s okay to let professionals clean it if you&39;re not familiar with the process since the batteries contain corrosive acid which may leak if the batteries are forced. For better service, ensure the battery inspection at least once annually if it&39;s two years old.

Inspect Belts and Hoses

To ensure your cars&39; electrical, cooling systems, and power steering are functioning well, inspect the belts and hoses regularly. Ensure the straps are well installed and secure without leaving a considerable slack when in use. Don&39;t forget to confirm whether there are any leaks or drips on the hoses. For professional assistance, you might check out Kia service in Cleveland for quality repair services.

Replace Filters and Check Fluid Levels

Since your car needs different kinds of fluid, ensure they are enough; if not, it&39;s advisable to top up. If the engine needs to be changed, ensure it&39;s changed before you hit the road and check whether they align with the manufacturer&39;s coolant level. The coolant needs to be changed if it&39;s clear or has floating particles. Over time, coolant may become acidic and corrosive, damaging other car parts such as hoses and radiators. A dirty engine filter affects your car&39;s acceleration performance; thus, check whether it&39;s clogged with debris or dirt and replace it.

Check the Brakes

Have the brakes checked by professionals, especially if they make odd sounds, since it may indicate worn-out brake pads that need replacement? Also, have the fluid level checked which has to be refilled if low. Working brakes ensure you have control of the car once you hit the road.

Ensure the Lights and Other Electrical Equipment Are Working

You don&39;t know how the road will be. You might end up returning when it&39;s dark. Lighting is essential to ensure safety for you and other road users. Both interior and exterior bulbs should be functional. If they are not, replace them. The windscreen should remain clean for a clear view on the road, thus ensure the windscreen washers are working. 

It&39;s okay to keep up with new trends like using rain-sensitive washers. This way, you don&39;t have to regulate or start the wipers, ensuring you concentrate on the road. Ensure wiper blades are functional; if not, have them replaced and refill the washer fluid.

Inspect Tires

Tires are inspected when cold to ensure the right pressure to avoid tampering with the fuel economy. Insert a penny between the treads to identify it&39;s time to replace it. Put a penny in the tire tread and make sure that Lincoln&39;s head is upside down. If you are able to see all of his head, it means that the depth of your tread is less than 2/32 inch and it&39;s time to get some new tiresSometimes there will be uneven wear of the tires which is a clear indication that it&39;s time for balancing and alignment. Ensure you don&39;t go on a trip before addressing this issue. What low pressure does to tires?

  • Cause uneven wear
  • Make them susceptible to tire blowouts
  • Stress the engine
  • Added wear and tear to the brakes

Determine Why a Dashboard Light is On

When an engine light goes on, it can be an indication of an issue that needs to be addressed soon. Having it checked out before going for the drive will ensure you safe. Don&39;t sit and assume the problem as it may be costly if not rectified soonest. Please take it to the mechanic and have the issue addressed since professionals can only handle the situation.

Check Your Owner&39;s Manual

Covering all the expenses may be costly. Check if you have any warranty from the manufacturers. If not, then carefully go through the manual to determine which part needs more attention according to its mileage or time. Check online for the manual if you lack a hard copy. Get safe, get prepared, and have a safe trip!

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