How the Formula 1 Teams Travel the World

Sportscar racing has been a popular activity for decades! This is because of the active racers and their teams. To satisfy the curiosity about their foreign competition, here are details on how they do it.

Hectic Foreign Travel

Enthusiasts of Formula 1 teams think of the tiring overseas travel the drivers go through. But for those who control the steering wheel, it is a normal and exciting experience! It only feels more challenging for parents of young kids who have to sacrifice staying away from home during competition. Since they cooperate as a team, there is less sadness.

A typical contest abroad lasts for two weeks. However, it is longer for an entire team with engineers and mechanics. Expect it to last for a month or two especially when it is back-to-back. Hotels become their short-term residence while out of their home countries. This is evident beyond the 2012 race with seven more tournaments. It means an additional nine weeks.

The last leg of the Grands Prix goes to Asia, North and South America, and the Middle East. Along with adventures in these countries is the logistics. Mechanics have the most difficulties in the physical aspect.

Pressure in Europe

Formula 1 teams come from Europe and ride their trucks to go around the continent. Racing out of the country means bringing 24 cars and belongings from garages and motorhomes. There are 12 teams and they need six jumbo jets. The team manager of Sauber, Beat Zehnder, is an expert in logistics for at least two decades. For all of the races, sea shipments are in five batches.

When it comes to the hospitality needs like furniture and kitchen items, a set of five replicas are brought along. After completing the Monza race, garage possessions, computers, and vehicles stay in crates. Mechanics, hospitality crew, and truck drivers return all of them to Hinwil, Switzerland where the base is. Upon arrival in this country, disassembling of the cars occurs. Via transport, these go to Milan and eventually to Singapore.

While in this Asian country on the track, team garages and a short-term paddock are put up through the advanced members. Afterward, Japan will have them and stay at Yeongam where the Grand Prix will have an audience.

The presence of more races poses more challenging logistics. Completion of tasks in Singapore means extending the hotel stay in Asia. An estimated 75% of the team goes to Thailand afterward. Personal relaxation is for a week.

Number of Destinations Equals Months of Team Effort

It is an exciting journey for the teams who support F1 racers every year! They have the opportunities to go to many countries. When the race reaches the second season, this is the time for the f1 trips. The countries they go to are Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. Since they transfer from one country to another, the logistics are tough.

A complete team has 28 members consisting of truck drivers and mechanics. Plus, catering has eight people. Operations involve 47 members who travel because of the races. Not yet included are those in the press and marketing. A total of 67 people can comprise a whole team. In putting the load on trucks, the crew is 30 and about half of everyone. Days are long as these start at 8 am and finish by 10 pm. Imagine the half of a season as very hectic!

Team Profiles

Alfa Romeo

From Hinwil, Switzerland comes Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN. Frederic Vasseur is the Chief and Jan Monchaux oversees technical. The team used to be known as Sauber. It got this namesake from Peter Sauber who brought his members to the race in 1993. He is famous for the success of Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Michael Schumacher. Sportscars are his niche for winning!

When BMW owned the team, they were champions in the race! Apart from honing outstanding young drivers, the reputation was also for creating competitive cars.

Aston Martin

Hailing from Silverstone, United Kingdom is Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team. They follow Chief Otmar Szafnauer and Andrew Green for technical. It was back in 2018 when they joined the race. The first time for entry only lasted five races. This has been more than 50 years ago. Returning recently became more serious. They won in the Racing Point of 2020! Their top driver relishes championships four times!


The base of the McLaren F1 Team is Woking, United Kingdom. Andreas Seidl leads them while technical aspects are for James Key. Being proud of eight world championships, they first entered the race in 1966. Bruce created the team and their performances have been remarkable! After 50 years in the race, winning has been countless! They have famous drivers like Emerson Fittipaldi, Mika Hakkinen, Ayrton Senna, and Lewis Hamilton.


Originating from Grove, United Kingdom is Williams Racing. Guidance comes from Jost Capito and technical advice through Francois-Xavier Demaison. Since they became racers, nine world championships have made them famous! Only McLaren and Ferrari teams have defeated them. Sir Frank Williams began the team and came from a humble start.

In the past 40 years, they have been fortunate to win the Grand Prix! Part of their drivers is the most outstanding! But they have a new owner in Dorilton Capital. Watch out for their new chapter!

Alpha Tauri

From Faenza, Italy is the Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda Team. Franz Tost is their Chief and Jody Egginton guides for technical. It was in 1985 when they started in the race. Their original name was Toro Rosso. Last 2006, young members of the Red Bull Team came from the Minardi Team. Back in 2008, Sebastian Vettel made them a champion! Afterward, they also experienced winning along with the Red Bull Team!


Maranello, Italy is where the Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow Team originates. Members follow Mattia Binotto for guidance and technical instructions come from Enrico Gualtieri or Enrico Cardile. They are proud of being world champions 16 times since being active in 1950! This team is known to have consistent performance in every race. Enzo Ferrari pioneered the team and led it to become famous! Two of their outstanding racers are Alberto Ascari and Michael Schumacher.

Credits to famous Formula 1 active racers who continue to bring excitement to the competition! It is their motivation to win for their teams that keep on encouraging enthusiasts. Follow them around the world by viewing or in person.

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