How to Fix a Dead Cell in a Car Battery

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A car’s maintenance is no joke. Apart from the cleaning and other aspects, there are some technical issues that should never be ignored. One of them is handling your oil filter related issues and refilling hydraulic oil in the floor jack. Though a tough task if handled carefully the same helps to ensure that your car keeps working smoothly and ensuring an increase in its life as well. The moment your floor jack shows problems in lifting up your car wheels it is time that you refill its hydraulic oil. It is advisable to take external help if you feel that your work has not generated the kind of results you were expecting.

Car batteries are used to provide lighting, and facilitate starting and ignition for your vehicle. The car batteries are expensive and might cost between US$100 and US$300. You need to select the best car battery using a Car Battery Buying Guide based on your requirement for your vehicle. However, you can recondition the dead car batteries and extend its life by another 5 years. Therefore, you can save lot of money on car batteries through reconditioning techniques.

If you are an entertainment lover and have installed a good audio system in your car then to power it up the battery should be a good one to handle the 6×9 speakers with deep bass so that you can enjoy your favorite soundtracks to make your journey more delightful.

How to Recondition or Refurbish a Deal cell in a Car battery?

It is commonly observed that many shops are buying dead car batteries at a lower price from car owners. They are professionals and have considerable experience to recondition the dead cells in a car battery. They used to sell the refurbished car batteries at much higher price. So, why should you throw out a dead battery when you can recondition and reuse them for another 5 years or more? Reconditioning is one of the best ways to extend the battery life and save considerable amount on vehicle maintenance.

You can recondition the dead car battery at your home with the help of simple tools and using the procedure explained in this article.

Things required for reconditioning a Dead cell in a battery of the car

o   Epsom Salt

o   Goggles

o   Neoprene Rubber Gloves

o   Distilled Water

o   Screw Driver

o   Battery charger

o   Plastic Funnel

o   Turkey Baster

o   Drill

Procedure for reconditioning your car battery

  •         Start the procedure in a ventilated area

You need to start the refurbishing process in a well ventilated area. It should be free from the flames since the acids in the battery can catch fire during the reconditioning process.

You need to heat the distilled water (half a gallon) to the boiling point. You need to add ½ lb of magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt) to the boiled water and stir well till the Epsom salt is completely dissolved.

You can also buy the battery acid from the nearby shop.

  •         Step 2

You need to clean outside of the battery using baking soda and clean water to prevent contamination. Baking soda is useful for neutralizing the battery acids and harmless. You need to remove the corrosion from cable connections and battery terminals. You need to carry out the refurbishing process in a clean area.

  •       Step 3

Well, you have prepared the solution for reconditioning your car battery. The next step is to remove the covers from the battery cells with the help of a screw driver. You need to remove the top cover of a sealed battery using a screw driver. Now, you need to remove the plastic caps and drill the holes at impressions. You can make use of a damp towel to eliminate debris surrounding the battery holes. You should not use a metal funnel to fill the batteries with solution since the acids react with the metal. You can make use of plastic funnel to fill the batteries with the solution prepared as above. The lead plates in the battery should be immersed in the solution. Now, you can replace the battery covers. In case of sealed batteries, you need to replace the plastic plugs and the cover.

  •         Step 4

You can connect the battery terminals to the battery charger and allow the charging slowly for 24 hours. You can repeat this process two to three times consistently to improve the life of the battery. Now, the battery is ready for use in your car.

You have saved lot of money by simply reconditioning your old car battery. You can utilize that money for other household chores.

It is also advised to discharge the battery at some intervals by simply turning on the lights inside the vehicle or turning on the headlights. You can recharge the battery as mentioned above again.

Therefore, reconditioning process of car batteries is very simple. Many professionals are making lot of money at home by simply buying the old batteries and reconditioning and selling a higher price.


  •         Make use of protective gear

Many people suffer injuries during the reconditioning of dead car batteries. It is mainly due to acid burns on the hands and acid spills on the eyes. You need to wear the rubber gloves when reconditioning a battery. You should also wear protective glasses to safeguard the eyes and protective clothing to prevent acid burns. You are advised to wash the affected area immediately using clean water.

  •        Proper storage

You should not expose the battery during reconditioning to direct sunlight. You should not store the battery in a hot location and expose to direct sunlight.

  •         Compatible battery charger

You need to use the compatible battery charger for recharging the rejuvenated battery. You need to select the right battery charger that works with 12 V batteries. You should remove the jewelry and metal tools from the work area. You should never overcharge your battery. Even a small spark in the work area can cause an explosion and considerable damages.

  •         Safeguard your battery

When you are not using your vehicle for many weeks or months, you are advised to keep the battery on a trickle charger and charge it frequently. This process safeguards your batteries from damage and extends its life.

  •         Check voltage

If the battery voltage is between 10V and 12V, you can consider reconditioning the dead battery. It is not advised to recondition the batteries with voltage rating less than 10V. It is simply wastage of your time and efforts. In such a case, you can reconsider replacing the battery with new battery having the same voltage, ampere rating and size. If you buy a wrong battery with different dimensions, you cannot use it your vehicle. The wrong battery may also damage the internal circuitry in your vehicle.

Therefore, you are advised to read the vehicle manual carefully before attempting to replace the dead battery.

Many car owners are spending lot of money to replace the dead batteries. However, they can refurbish the dead batteries at home with simple DIY kits. They are inexpensive and prolong the life of your car battery by another five to 10 years. You can also buy consumables at reduced rates from online stores.

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