Five fuel saving tips every driver should know that won’t cost you extra

Jackie Mathew

The running cost of your car depends on the fuel efficiency and car maintenance. Although buying a hybrid car or buying cheapest petrol and diesel is one way of cutting down the fuel cost, there are other things that can get you most out of your fuel. Regardless of whichever car you drive, you can get better fuel efficiency than before. Save some fuel and money with these tips and with a little bit of patience and dedication.

Regular car maintenance

Regular car maintenance is essential as it keeps your car reliable and fit. Get your car serviced regularly and make sure you keep a regular check on the engine oil, fuel condition, air condition and other maintenance, etc. Neglecting car maintenance can give your car a hard time to run optimally which will cost you at the pump.

Check the tire pressure regularly

Regular checking the tire pressure and maintaining it can help save some fuel in your car. You can get the tire pressure checked by a mechanic once in a month. Under-inflated tired tend to burn more fuel. The automobile authority state that inflated tires can improve fuel efficiency so keep your tires well maintained to enjoy economical driving.

Drive Sensibly

Studies have proven that aggressive driving habits such as swift acceleration and fast driving are a reason behind more fuel consumption. Rough driving can burn more fuel and calm driving, on the other hand, can save gas. Besides, rough driving can cost you more than fuel, it has a security risk which could result in an accident or breaking the traffic buy phentermine online canadian pharmacy rules. It’s advisable to drive sensibly and smoothly in high traffic and avoid using brakes and acceleration unnecessarily.

Lighten the load

The lighter the load, the better your car will perform. A lighter car will use less fuel and keep your car balanced. Keeping unnecessary weight in your car can deteriorate the balance and performance of your car by harming your fuel economy. Extra weight can reduce considerable fuel from your car so be sure to remove all the extra stuff unless you need it.

Turn off the Air condition

Keeping the car a/c on all the time seems tempting. Keeping your ac on consumes fuel especially when the car has stopped. Running your car on air condition all the time can give a hard time to your compressor and cost you more fuel. So we’d advise you to turn off the ac when it’s not needed to save some fuel.

Bonus Tip

If you’re concerned about managing your trips and minimizing the fuel cost then try to combine your trips rather than going separately. For example, if you have to go to the office and market or visit a doctor, you can go everywhere in one go which will efficiently save your car fuel. Short trips can keep your car engine maintained while saving a lot of money on fuel.

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Jackie Mathew is a content writer who loves to write articles and provide tips to help people buy used Japanese cars . He has studied public relations and business from the University of Columbia and works as a part-time sales agent.

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