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Go anywhere at anytime with the top 4 best 4×4’s the world has to offer in 2019.

With so many new 4×4 models arriving on Australian shores in 2019 how do we know which one to buy? How do we know which one is the best?
What may be the most suitable 4WD for your lifestyle could be completely different for another, so to make your decision process easier we have broken down the top 4 best 4×4’s into 4 categories:

  • The best overall
  • The best luxury off-road 4×4
  • The best off-road ute
  • The best economical off-road 4×4
  • The most anticipated 4×4

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon — The best overall 4×4

Credit: Jeep

  • $48,950 Sport S two-door
  • $53,450 Sport S four-door
  • $58,450 Overland two-door
  • $62,950 Overland four-door
  • $63,950 Rubicon 3.6L petrol
  • $68,950 Rubicon 2.2L diesel

Safety rating: One-star Euro NCAP 2019
Engine: 3.6 litre petrol V6 and a 2.2 litre turbo-diesel
Currently available in Australia
What makes the Jeep Wrangler the best overall 4×4? It comes stacked with the latest in state-of-the-art technology upgrades, on-road efficiency and performance improvements, but what truly makes it standout are it’s new off-road capabilities.
Entry level will get you standard features such as automatic headlamps, rear-view camera, parking sensors, push to start, a leather steering wheel, 7 inch infotainment touchscreen, and a black soft-top. It’s important to keep in mind the active safety kit does not apply until mid range models starting with the Overlands, which includes autonomous emergency braking (AEB), adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.
However, top of the range is where the real fun begins. Tackle any terrain you can think of with 32-inch BF Goodrich off-road tyres, Tru-Lock front/rear differentials, disconnecting front stabiliser bars, heavy-duty Dana axles and heavy-duty rock slider, and a winch-ready steel front bumper.
Combined with an impressive ground clearance of 252mm with approach and departure angles, 34.8 and 29.2 deg respectively, wheel travel, electro-hydraulic steering, and all-coil suspension, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is equipped for all situations you might encounter in the wilderness.
With the essentials that make on-road driving a breeze and the right tools of the trade to conquer any off-road or beach accessible track, The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is the best overall 4×4 of 2019.

Land Rover Range Rover — The best luxury off-road 4×4

Credit: Range Rover

  • $256,000 Autobiography SDV8 4.4L Diesel, 8 SP Auto
  • $278,728 Autobiography V8 SC LWB 5L Premium Unleaded Petrol, 8 SP Auto
  • $341,028 Autobiography Dynamic V8 SC 5L Premium Unleaded Petrol, 8 SP Auto

Safety rating: Not yet rated
Engine: 4.4L SDV8 Diesel, 5.0L V8 Premium Unleaded
Currently available in Australia
At the pinnacle of luxury 4×4 off-roading sits the Range Rover. At a whopping $341,028 a pop for the top model, we have decided to investigate why this vehicle is the best luxury off-road 4×4 in 2019.
Stepping into a Range Rover is like stepping into a scene out of a James Bond movie, smooth beige leather interior, two 10-inch touchscreens that allows for navigation, entertainment, comms, lots of configurable car features (climate, media, terrain response), and when you thought it couldn’t get any better — temperature controlled massaging seats.
It’s fine and dandy to drive in absolute comfort whilst on the road but what use is a 4×4 if you can’t take it off-road? What truly makes the Range Rover standout is its ability to maintain comfort and luxury whilst being perfectly capable to tackle all sorts of terrain.
Unlike most so called luxury off-road vehicles, the Range Rover manages to live up to expectations. With a two-speed transfer case arrangement, torque is automatically sent to the front and back axles to a full 50:50 lock-up.
All electronics are controlled by the Terrain Response 2 system that allows the vehicle to match the demands of the terrain and adapts the vehicles engine, gearbox, differentials and chassis system to the driving conditions. Choose from seven different modes including, Dynamic, Eco, Comfort, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud and Ruts, Sand, and Rock Crawl.
Electronic air suspension allows you to change your vehicle’s height quickly at anytime, keeping all four wheels on the ground for a more composed drive. It can raise the vehicle height 75mm from its regular ride height when traversing off-road terrain, and conversely lowered to ease ingress, it can even be adjusted to make hitching a trailer easier.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Bi Turbo — The best off-road 4×4 ute

Credit: Ford

  • $61,090 XLT 2.0 Bi-turbo
  • $59,890 XLT 3.2 5cyl turbo diesel

Engine: 2.0-litre four-cylinder twin-turbo-diesel, 10 SP Auto
Safety rating: Five-star ANCAP 2015
Rated as Australia’s best Dual-Cab 4WD off-road ute by carsales, the 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Bi-turbo is packed with more engine power, more safety features, convenience gear, and comes with a new 5 year/unlimited-km warranty.
The Ford Ranger Raptor comes with a 157kW 2.0L bi-turbo diesel 4cyl engine in the XLT 4×2 and 4×4, and makes for a smoother and quieter engine with zero lag when changing gears. Standard convenience technology comprises of autonomous emergency braking (AEB), semi auto active park assist, traffic sign recognition, and a practical park-assist feature which is the first of its kind for utes.
For those who are looking at the optional tech pack, it can include adaptive cruise control with forward collision alert, automatic adjusting high-beam headlights, driver fatigue monitor, a lane-keeping alert, partial assisted parking system, speed sign recognition, and a pre-collision AEB.
But we didn’t choose Wildtrak as the best off-road ute of 2019 for its standard features, we chose it for it’s on and off-road capabilities. Extremely light on fuel, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2.0 bi-turbo averaged  7.4L/100km whilst on the road and had no issues towing a 1500kg horse trailer up and down hills while being able to increase speed when needed.
Off-road, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak was unmatched, with low-range reduction, plenty of low end torque, electronic traction control system, hill launch assist, hill descent control and rear differential lock. It boasts a 237mm ground clearance and a wading depth of 800mm, with approach and departure angles at 29 and 21 deg respectively.

Suzuki Jimny — The best economical off-road 4×4

Credit: Suzuki

  • $23,990 Manual, including on-road costs
  • $25,990 Auto, including on-road costs

Engine: 1.50litre four-cylinder petrol
Safety rating: three-star ANCAP 2019
Available in Australia
Apart from being the best economical off-road 4×4 offering fuel efficiency of 6.9L/100km for the auto and 6.4L/100km manual, the Suzuki Jimny also comes as one of the most affordable 4×4’s on the market. The small box shaped vehicle is often overlooked due to it’s tiny stature, but hidden behind a below average 3 star ANCAP rating is a beast waiting to be unleashed.
Standard safety features can include autonomous emergency braking (AEB), hill hold assist, lane departure warning ,stability control, anti-lock brakes and switchable traction control. The Jimny comes equipped with both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, high and low-range gearing, and is capable of switching between 2WD and 4WD on the fly with ease while in high ranges.
The Suzuki Jimny has a standard ground clearance of 210mm combined with a very impressive approach, ramp-over and departure angles of 37, 28, and 49 deg respectively. It’s nimble and compact shape allows you to traverse through the most narrow off-road tracks where other larger 4×4’s might struggle.
The Suzuki Jimny does an excellent job at satisfying an outdoorsy lifestyle for city folk who are seeking an adventure at an affordable price.

Tesla Model P Ute — The most anticipated 4×4

Credit: Tesla
Currently unavailable
According to the Tesla Boss himself, Elon Musk, Tesla’s incoming electric operated ute will cost less then $70,000 AUD, and will be tougher than the Ford F-150 and faster than a Porsche 911.
No specifications have been released at this stage but to put things into perspective, a Porsche 911 can reach 100km/h in about 4.7 seconds.
Ready, gear up, and go
First things first, before you embark on your 4×4 journey, it’s always a good idea to run through your 4×4 checklist to make sure your vehicle is up to safety standards. The next step is to make sure you have all the right gear needed for your 4WD adventure. If you’re missing some gear or need to replace worn out accessories, you’ll find all your forbie needs at Total 4×4.
Now that you’ve done your safety check and prepared all of your gear, let’s see what Western Australia has to offer when it comes to off-roading.
Julia is a professional digital marketer who in her spare time is a blogger for a few companies in the automative industry such as Total 4×4, Perth’s best place for 4×4 accessories.

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