Felice Bonetto (50) died in Silao Mexico

Saturday 21st November 1953

Felice Bonetto (50) died in Silao Mexico. Bonetto was a fearless competitor who took no prisoners and was possessed of so much courage that some of his racing exploits placed him in the category of the foolhardy. He won the Portuguese GP in Lisbon and placed third in the Mille Miglia before competing in the gruelling Carrera Panamericana. He lay in second place to Taruffi when he was killed after skidding off the road and crashing into a lamp standard in the village of Silao. Benetto reportedly marked dangerous corners along the route with blue signs. It was at one of these locations, despite this care in marking these corners, that Felice would take a 60mph corner at 125. Bonetto swerved his Lancia D24 into a building and was killed at the scene. Teammate Juan Manuel Fangio went on to win without ever winning a single stage of the race.

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