Fast lane — 5 Brit firms in the exclusive car business

Britain has played an integral part in motoring history — from producing pioneering racing drivers like Sir Stirling Moss and Sir Jackie Stewart to iconic cars like the Mini Cooper S and Jaguar E-Type.
And despite the current challenges faced by mass-production manufacturers, there’s still a collection of diverse UK firms involved in the business of making or maintaining high performance and classic cars.
So if you like life in the fast lane, here are five Brit firms in the exclusive car business.

1. Morgan Motor Company

Iconic sports car firm Morgan has been creating beautiful hand-built, high-spec vehicles since 1909 and is still a family-owned manufacturer.
The first models it released to the public were the three-wheeler and 4-4, and you can buy new versions today which perform like a modern machine but have preserved the distinctive retro curves of the original designs.
The firm only builds 850 cars per year — so ownership means membership of a fairly exclusive club.

2. SC Parts Group Ltd

When you need new parts for an awesome Austin Healey Sprite or MG Midget, it’s not usually as easy as popping into your local garage.
But Crawley specialists SC Parts Group stock everything from silver painted wire wheels to books and DVDs.
Their website also allows you to find the perfect engine oil for the make and model of your classic car — check it out at

3. Herbert & Ellison

Keeping a vintage car running smoothly can challenge even the most capable mechanic — but ensuring its interior is spick and span is tricky too.
Luckily, niche upholsterers Herbert & Ellison have preserved the traditional materials and craftsmanship to make leather seats on cars even a century old look as good as new.
It’s reassuring that firms like this still exist to cater for the needs of vintage vehicle enthusiasts.

4. Carisma Automotive

If you want the ultimate exclusive car, getting it customised by experts like Carisma Automotive means that it’ll end up being completely unique.
These bespoke specialists have transformed everything from limos to Volkswagen T-5 vans to luxury hotels on wheels, so no job is too tricky for them to attempt.
You can even have ballistic amour material fitted for complete protection if you’re a precautious VIP.

5. Ormiston Wire

Braid manufacturer Ormiston Wire has been in existence since 1793 — way before the first motorcar was a twinkle in Carl Benz’s eye.
But the company has continued to expand and diversify since and one of its most interesting projects was developing a restraint for the engine block of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren model which would prevent the block entering the passenger compartment during an accident.
They crafted a special engine restraint assembly system made from Zylon lanyards which was used in the iconic gull-winged model until production stopped in 2009.
With agile and innovative firms like these still going strong, the UK exclusive car sector should be in good hands for years to come.
That’s our list! Please share your own thoughts on exclusive cars in the comments section.

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