Exploring the Link Between Chevrolet and the American Culture

Certain brands are synonymous with American culture. Chevvy is one of those iconic names that conjure up an image of a lifestyle and styling that is as American as they come.

When you are looking for a new vehicle and search Chevvy dealer SLC, for example, you will find models in the range that are classically styled to be representative of American culture and values.

Let’s take a look at that obvious link between Chevrolet and American culture.

Living the Detroit dream

When you have a brand that features in a classic American tune, and everyone knows the line about taking the “Chevvy to the levee”, you know that you are talking about a name that is embedded in American culture.

Everyone can see the American dream in each Chevvy model. Chevrolet manage to win the hearts and minds of Americans with a range of trucks and cars that helped cement a love affair with anything on four wheels.

The fact that you could drive a Chevvy that was made with traditional values in mind, such as style, convenience, speed, and safety, meant you could live that American dream every time you got behind the wheel.

Chevvy managed to become the top-selling auto brand and it has always prided itself on trying to be one step ahead of its rivals with innovative features and iconic styling.

It has always seemed to have its finger on the pulse of cultural change. Knowing what people wanted to drive before they did meant that every new model unveiled helped convert more drivers to the Chevvy fan club.

A car that fulfilled aspirations

It is probably fair to say that there was a period in time between the 1930s and the end of the 1960s when Chevrolet was the undisputed American car.

Any talk of cars and trucks always involved talking about the latest Chevvy model.

It was the brand that aspirational Americans wanted to be seen driving. Lower and middle classes wanted to be seen driving a Chevvy during that period. It was a status symbol and confirmation that they were doing well in life and bettering themselves.

A brand that has adapted to changing cultural attitudes

Those golden years were undisputably when Chevvy managed to embed itself into the DNA of American culture.

It is probably fair to say that the carmaker lost its way for a period in its history with some models that won’t so well received. However, whilst that adverse publicity might have been terminal for some brands Chevvy is a brand that had built up far too much credit in the hearts and minds of generations of Americans for that to happen.

Sure enough, Chevvy found a solution. The truck and SUV boom saw Chevvy come roaring back and it won over a whole new generation with the same sort of style and values that sealed its iconic reputation in the first place.

The company advertises its latest models with the slogan “Chevvy runs deep”.

How true that is. Chevvy enjoys an undisputed and unbroken link with American culture.

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