Expert Dirt Bike Training Tips For Your Champ

Are you into mini dirt bikes? If yes, we’re sure you would want your children too to experience the same joy you had with this sport. However, before you finally put your kids in the motocross events, proper preparations and training them would be helpful. Also, subtly introducing the game would convince them to have the initiative to say “yes” and start loving this adventure-filled sport.

So without further ado, let’s see what all is required to train your little champ the right way for dirt riding.

The Sport and the Mini Dirt Bike

This extreme sport requires the rider to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready. This is because of the intense actions involved in this sport. A rider needs to be smart in their moves and has strong determination and trust to complete the race.

Readiness for such a sport is very critical. Being ready for Moto-X means that the rider knows how to ride a bike and control it in difficult terrains. Aside from riding a bike, they should know how to follow instructions and are mature enough to handle contingency decisions like which tracks to take first, what tricks is the best use for that moment and so on.

The best part about this sport is that the rider can always learn the skills. The most important thing is the rider’s willingness, and the right attitude must first be developed.

Motocross Race Preparation

Here is the necessary preparation you need to ensure your little champ has undergone before hitting the motocross track.

The Right Dirt Bike

This is the most important part of your champ’s motocross race preparation. Make sure that you purchase a bike of the right size for your champ. Their feet must be able to reach the ground when they stop the bike. A bigger bike will not work efficiently for them. The safety of your champ should be of utmost importance and can’t be discounted.

Protective Gear

Another thing is the use of appropriate kids motocross gear.  Your child must learn the necessity of using gears whenever they ride their mini dirt bike. They must have the required gear to fit them properly, such as helmet, gloves, boots etc.


Basic off-road riding skills can be learned by your champ as early as 6 years old. There are dirt bike organizations that offer lessons regarding safety and responsible motorbike riding for youngsters. Young riders must master the styles of shifting, stopping and evading barriers in the different landscape before putting them on the race track.

On The Track Training

When the kid has undergone the initial motocross training, they will be safer on the actual track because they know how to avoid crashes.

It is advisable to get them to see the tracks during weekdays when other pro riders use the trail. This will inspire them to hit the tracks. Moreover, they need to learn how to ride at a slow pace and which areas to increase the speed. Before hitting the track, your kid must have a rough visualization of the track in their mind. This will enable them to navigate better in actual racing.


Allowing your child to develop his potentials to be the best motocross racer requires your full support – morally and financially. Their success is also your success and vice versa. But with the right training, failure is the last thing to happen.

Take cues from this guide and create the right training plan for your little champ. Remember, every successful career starts with proper training! And, it could be your child’s first step towards success.


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