Everyday Modifications for Your Morris Minor

With safety information throughout, this book provides a number of step-by-step guides on how to fit a wide range of simple and more sophisticated upgrades to bring your Morris Minor into the 21st century. Includes sections on Routine servicing of the engine, gearbox, clutch, differential, brakes, suspension, electrics and structure. Modifications and upgrades to the engine, gearbox, wheels and tyres, brakes, suspension, electrics and seats. Modifying the body including GRP panels, weather strips and identifying chop top convertibles. Fitting mod cons such as gauges, heaters, radio/ICE, 12 volt accessory sockets, sound deadening, heated screens, wiper upgrades.

Matt Tomkins has owned, restored, modified and driven thousands of miles in Morris Minors since 2010. His first car, a 1970 Morris Minor saloon evolved through various incarnations; engine, gearbox and final drive changes, as well as brake and suspension upgrades to make it into the perfect daily driver. He has also restored a 1969 Traveller and 1960 Convertible, fitting each of these with a number of upgrades to make them more capable on the roads of today. Matt is Workshop Editor at Practical Classics magazine, and an active member of the Morris Minor Owners Club.

192 Pages

£19.99 Paperback

ISBN: 9780719841972

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