Essential Maintenance and Repair Tips for Smart Car Owners

If your car suffered damage because of an accident, there are several ways to repair it. Accidents can ruin the look of your vehicle and can cost you thousands of pounds to repair the same. Moreover, minor scuffs and dents can demoralize you.

So, when your vehicle’s bodywork takes a beating, it is recommended to fix the impairment at the earliest. Smart car body repairs are a recent innovation and have taken over the automotive industry by storm contrary to traditional repairs. This post discusses some important maintenance and repair tips, especially for SMART car owners.

What kind of damages does SMART cover?

SMART car body repairs are suitable for the following.

  • Bumper scuffs
  • Minor dents
  • Paintwork scratches
  • Alloy wheel damage

Helpful tips for SMART repair work

Below listed are the steps for successful repairing of scuffs and scratches.

1. Make sure that the damaged area is clean

A SMART repair will require the damaged area to be dry and clean. Start by cleaning the area and making sure that the damaged area is ready to get repaired. Cleaning the area means that the area is free from wax and dirt that may interfere with the repair process.

2. Protect the neighboring areas

After the damaged area gets cleaned, mask off the neighboring areas around the damaged area. These might include the panels and other details such as badges and lights. Preparing a mask around the affected area will make sure that the spray does not move to nearby panels and cause trouble. Masking the area surrounding the repair work will create the perfect repair.

3. Sand the affected area properly

After the surrounding area is completely masked, the expert will start to sand down the affected area. As a result, it will expose the paint along with the primer layers. If you are looking to create a top-class finish, an expert will rebuild the color one layer over another to give the perfect look. Therefore, sand down every layer thoroughly.

4. Applying primer

Next, the sanded area will be primed the best way using a gray base. As such, it will create a base layer for the matched color paint that will be applied. After applying the primer, it will be cured with the help of an infrared lamp.

5. Applying paint

When the primer has healed, it is time to apply the paint in thin layers by using a special spray gun made for this purpose. Remember to cure every layer of paint with the heat lamp soon after the paint is applied. Apply the paint in thin layers to make sure that the paint achieves the perfect finish. The final coat of paint is applied to the damaged area and treated with an infrared lamp.

6. Final touch

After curing the paint, the area is allowed to cool. If there are any paint nibs, remove the same with fine-grain paper. This will ensure a perfect repair. Lastly, polish the panel and buff it nicely to get a shiny finish.


SMART car body repairs are cost-effective and easy ways to repair damage to your vehicle. This technique will fix the damaged area without the need to replace the whole bumper or panel.

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