If you want to navigate the streets in style, why not try your hands at an electric scooter? An electric scooter lets you zoom in without sweating a brow. Rather it takes lesser effort than a regular bike or push scooter. It surely is a fun way to travel, less strenuous and more convenient.                                               

What is an electric scooter?

We are all praise for electric scooters and want you to join our bandwagon. Wait a minute! You don’t know what they are? Seriously? Well, allow us to sort that out for you first.

An electric scooter is a modern form of transportation having two or three wheels, a platform serving as a deck, and handlebars for steering control.  Don’t confuse them with the un-motorized scooters of the ’90s. Electric scooters are equipped with a battery, electronics, large air-filled tires, and obviously an electric motor.

How does an electric scooter work?

When the rider uses the throttle it mobilizes the electric signals there and they move from the wires to the controller. This signals the battery to release electrical energy to either of the motors in the wheels. The motor transforms the energy into the movements of the wheels and the scooter thus moves forward.

Batteries are the heart of all mechanical things. The battery and motor here are connected with the help of electric wires. These electric wires are in turn controlled by the screen and throttle on the handle bar. All these components are controlled by the rider. The rider issues the command on the screen, with the help of the throttle, brake levers, and/or buttons.

A small led screen is either present on the sides of the handlebar or in the center but then the throttle also changes its position. Some electric scooters are equipped with a brake lever on the left handlebar.

Why do people use electric scooters?

Electric scooters are a no-hassle travel solution, as they are simple to ride and maintain. This makes them super useful and fun. While they are a modern mode of transportation, they are not at all complicated in their structure as compared to other vehicles.

Electric scooters are also environmentally friendly which is giving them fair reasons to popularize. People see them as the future mode of transportation. Besides being an economic option, they are also lightweight and a fast way to commute around the city. Every day more and more people are switching their vehicles for electric scooters to save their money and time.

How much do electric scooters cost?

Electric scooters aren’t cheap, but as they gain popularity, the prices will certainly drop. If you do your math for a couple of years, there won’t be any major savings compared to traveling by public transport or commuting with your car (provided you already own a car). The most important thing is you will be saving a lot of precious time while moving around in a busy city.

What are the advantages of owning an electric scooter versus a car or a bike?

Electric scooters have a ton of advantages to make them a favorite with their users. Their lightweight, foldability, and sleekness are their most notable aspects. Let’s see a few more of the advantages that these offer;

  1. Speed:

We assume you aren’t expecting them to rocket you through busy lanes, right?

The speed isn’t that high as compared to bikes and cars. Their ability to maneuver through traffic jams gives them an edge over the above-mentioned modes.  You can now reach your destination on time without having to fret about traffic anymore.

Since you will get to travel on sidewalks, bike tracks, or footpaths, you can reach your destination at a good speed. The average speed of an electric scooter ranges from 25km/h to 30km/h.

Cool, isn’t it?

There are even faster electric scooters available in the market, but they are on the pricier side and even require registration.

  1. Brilliant features:

Electric scooters are battery reliant, and a good one can last for about 15-25 km. That’s enough for normal commuting. This is why many people use them as the last-minute commuting option to reach their nearest subways instead of walking. Charging time is also not a headache, as most electric scooters take only 2-3 hours to fully recharge.

  1. Highly practical:

Can you imagine folding your bike and taking it with you while you shop or placing it under your office desk? This is possible with your electric scooter also because it takes only under 5 seconds to fold.

If you live near a busy city, place your electric scooter in your car trunk. Drive to the city, and while you aren’t there yet, take out your scooter from the trunk, and enjoy the final miles of your ride in the city.

  1. Maintenance:

It won’t cost you much to maintain your electric scooter as compared to a car or bike.

  1. Fun to use without the extra effort:

You can ride the electric scooter without sweating. This leaves you feeling fresh and rejoiced. Riding one is fun, and everyone who has ridden an electric scooter knows this all too well.

What are the disadvantages of owning an electric scooter versus a car or a bike?

As with all things tech, electric scooters also come with some disadvantages.

  1. Price:

As mentioned earlier, their prices are still too high. We expect them to drop once they gain substantial popularity.

  1. Health:

Here the traditional bike takes the lead. It doesn’t harm to indulge in some legwork as it tones your muscles and keeps your heart healthy. But be prepared to sweat in warmer climates, especially if your workplace isn’t equipped with a shower.

  1. Posture:

Standing upright isn’t a problem for most people today as we spend a major part of the day in a sitting arrangement. So it’s good to alternate the positions. The problem is with the position on scooters, as the rider needs to keep one leg for a longer period. This posture can be uncomfortable for many people.

Where can I buy an electric scooter near me?

Electric scooters can easily be sourced at almost all major departmental stores across the country.

If you don’t fancy visiting a physical one, especially during the pandemic, you can always source them at Amazon. You can find a diverse variety there and then pick one that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Final word:

Electric scooters are the new norm. They have increased the general awareness around micro-mobility. Owing to the various advantages they offer, don’t get surprised when all of us would need to drive one.

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