Electric Dirt Bikes: Eco-friendly Choices for Your Dirt Trail Adventure

If you want to have a great adventure without hurting Mother Earth, then you should consider going for electric dirt bikes.

As the name suggests, they are powered by electricity instead of the usual fuel. Since they use a cleaner form of energy, they leave no carbon footprint in the world.

Apart from being eco-friendly, electronic dirt bikes are markedly quiet compared to their gas-powered compatriots. They run very cheaply since there is no gas needed!

These bikes are also low maintenance. All you just need to do is make sure that the battery’s fully charged and you are ready to go.

If you are considering buying a dirt bike for leisure or some other purpose, then you should look at any of these top 5 choices:

KTM Free Ride E-XC 2018 NG

Although it weighs just 244 pounds, the KTM Free Ride E-XC 2018 NG can generate a peak power output of 18 kilowatts (cross mode).

If you’re not up for a race, then you can choose the economy mode, which allows you to run at 30 miles an hour.

What’s great about this model is its enhanced PowerPack and motor, which allow it to run for 1.5 hours on one single charge. It’s also road-legal, so you can take this baby from the dirt trail to the middle of the road.

Cake Kalk Electric Bike

If you are looking for a light yet powerful bike, then Cake’s Kalk model should be at the top of your list.

Although it only has a total weight of 152 pounds, it can run at a top speed of about 50 miles an hour.

The Kalk bike offers three riding modes. The Explore Mode allows you to run at 28 miles an hour for three to four hours. The Excite Mode is for active trail riding, while the excel configuration is for Race Mode.

Zero Motorcycles Zero FX Bike

The Zero Motorcycles Zero FX Bike is a 247-pound wonder that can run on a top speed of 85 miles per hour. With its Cypher II operating system, it allows you to take a journey of up to 46 miles in one charge.

Although it runs on impressive speeds, this model’s charge time can be quite lengthy. You need to plug the battery for 4.6 hours just to get it to 95%.

Zero Motorcycles Zero DS

This other Zero product on the list is a bike that weighs on the heftier side.

At 317 pounds, it has enough power for you to take a city run of 82 miles. The added weight also means better power, as it has a top speed of 98 miles per hour.

Since it’s better, it takes 4.7 hours to charge this bad boy to 95%. But you can cut the charging time to one hour when you buy an add-on charge tank.

Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike

The Kuberg FreeRider bike comes in two motor outputs: 8 kilowatts and 12 kilowatts. Whatever you choose, know that both models can run up to 40 miles per hour.

Its battery pack needs 2.5 hours of charging, after which you can freely roam the roads for up to two hours.

Another great thing about this bike is that it’s light. It only weighs 79 pounds, and as such, it could be as agile as you want it to be. Given its handlebar height of 3.4 feet, it allows for excellent maneuverability as well.

There you have it – the five best electric dirt bikes in the market. While all of them are very enticing to buy, you should consider several things before deciding which one to purchase.

What is your favored trail – the city or dirt? How fast do you want to go? What is your budget?

Factoring these, you will surely be able to buy the best bike for your needs!





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