To drive or not to drive?

Every position in the world has its benefits and drawbacks, and truck driver too. Some consider this job as hard, monotonous, and boring, while others regard the possibility to be alone and see the country (even other ones) as a crucial advantage. But where is the truth if it exists?

The truth is in both claims from the previous passage as the decision depends more on the person. It means that an individual has to answer some questions about oneself before entering trucking school. Not to overwhelm the reader with the philosophy of the personality, we’ll highlight the most needed characteristics and abilities that are needed on truck driver position with short explanations:

  • Maybe not the most important, but absolutely necessary attributes in this position as delays, lines for a gas station or terminals, absolutely different people, including the slowest ones, are the inevitable part of this work.
  • That is rather similar to patience but shows how essential is the previous item indeed.
  • Driving a truck loaded with medicines seems to double the responsibility of the chauffeur, as not only hard road conditions and other road users are under the potential danger, but also those who need remedies or something alike.
  • That is a complicated factor that includes the ability to drive many hours in a row, eat fast food and digest it while sitting, and even simple requirements to drivers like good eyesight or a stable nervous system.
  • Specific relations. The type of work depends on the company, but most truck drivers should be ready for long-distance trips that can only be facilitated with delays. It means days or weeks without seeing loved ones, children, and friends, which can be a challenge to someone.
  • Unpretentiousness to sleep. Another vital element that should be taken into consideration before joining this job, especially if one has many long-distance journeys. In practice, it could be like the need to sleep in the afternoon to drive at night or the ability to receive enough rest even in severe conditions like truck cab or disgusting motel.
  • Actually, all the previous items explained enough to believe that this item is a must for a truck driver. Probably, it can be named as the ability to adapt to different circumstances, such as weather and the human factor, but the essence should be clear.

In practice, there is no person that is ready for all the drawbacks related to this job. The decision is always made by taking into consideration all the aspects and its prioritizing, and this position is not the exclusion.

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