How to drive business growth through parking app development?

In this continuously growing world, there has been an exponential growth observed in the use of numbers of cars in metropolitan cities. This creates a problem for commuters where they have to search for the parking space. A large number of people are preferring to use cars for traveling where finding the appropriate and legal place to park the car is a big task. However, the issue of parking is mainly occurring in suburbs having a huge amount of offices and commercial towers. So it is very important to solve the problem of parking congestion.

The main reason behind the traffic congestion is the number of people searching for parking space. Many times, an individual can go through a situation where he faces difficulty in finding the place to park the car after reaching the destination. So many people prefer to pay for the parking space and park their car. But, in big cities, to pay for parking space results in spending a large amount of money. However, if any car is parked in no parking area then it might create a problem for the driver. This can directly affect his license. The best solution to overcome the problem is car parking app development. Several on-demand app development companies use mobile app technology to not only solve the problem but also augment the mobile business applications. Hence, this technology will accelerate an efficient way to search for car parking on a real-time basis.

With the help of vehicle location tracking systems, individuals can search for vacant space which can be beneficial for drivers to save time, alleviate the problem of traffic and jams on the street. This provides the best opportunity for tech-based startups to get into this mobile application development business and results in the growth of app developers.

Let’s take a look at different features that should be considered while entering the on-demand car parking app business:

1. Geofencing Integration

The fundamental reason behind the cause of traffic is the lack of accessibility to the parking spots present in the city, especially in the area where cars are. To solve this problem, integrate geofencing in the mobile app so that people can tag and mention parking space to inform people about the vacant spot to park. This helps in providing the profit-based business platform as more and more people are involved in using the parking app. Because of auto-tracking locations, drivers will get the notification about the vacant parking spot and can check whether it is nearby to their spot.

2. Time of booking the spot

Many people go to the office and want to book the parking spot for a long time and can demand regularly. However, the parking spaces which are in demand might be kept vacant such as malls and cinema halls. But allocating those spaces to cars for whole day parking can be a great loss to a business. Developing parking apps is very necessary for managing the space and reservations of spots to park the car. This helps on-demand app development companies, to increase their business.

3. Real-Time Navigation

It is very essential to have a facility for tracking location in every taxi or car parking app. Thus, the integration of location-based navigation services in any parking apps can help drivers to reach a particular spot. There should be different navigation services like GPS, Maps, getting notification through SMS/ email after the end of the parking session, with a single tap that can extend the parking session. Comprehensive dashboard with the historical data of parking and the charges which makes it easy to reach the particular spot.

4. Pre Booking

One of the best advantages of this business is that it allows us to combine the location of customers and geo-fencing which tracks drivers. As soon as the driver is tracked in the nearby area of parking spots immediately the signal is sent to notify them about the parking space. It also helps get more profit with peak hour prices and differential pricing on the day of any event or festival.

However, in pre-booking, customers should get more offers and benefits on the day of any event or occasion and this day drivers should be ready to work more and earn more. Thus, flexible pricing augments the business and makes a demand for parking places where consumers are preferring to prebook their ride because of flat charges.

5. Extra Features

Parking apps should contain extra features with the custom infrastructure data that helps users to make appropriate parking decisions. Thus, a feature of the smart video in the application will also help users to reach a particular location. However, the availability of voice commands which is the next-gen technology and results in increasing the reliability of parking apps which makes it convenient for drivers. For getting on the top of voice commanding, then you have to hire developers for making mobile business applications.

6. Mode of Payment

Many of the parking apps can be downloaded free of cost and need in-app payment to book the parking spot. In these apps, there are different modes of payment available such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Credit Card. Several apps are providing the feature of payment by cash for people who are not willing to pay by mobile wallets.

While developing any parking mobile application, it is very important to consider the requirements of commuters. This will be only possible by integrating the user-friendly features that help track the crowded parking places and help search for parking space easily. There should be three components present which make the application effective. These include:

  • User Panel
  • Parking Owner Panel
  • Admin Panel

User Panel: This panel of parking mobile app is helpful to search for parking locations in nearby areas and can book the parking spot with just a click on the mobile screen. To provide a better experience to users, it is very important to include features such as registration, search option, track location, booking option, estimated time, payment option, parking history, and rating & reviews.

Parking Owner Panel: With the help of this panel, the owner of the parking lot can accept the requests of booking and access the information about parking spots to allot after the booking. There should be different features like registration, manage to price, add parking slots, accept payments, check bookings, and ratings & review.

Admin Panel: Admin panel is the web application of all the mobile apps. This is used to control the operational side of the user and parking owner panel. Moreover, it helps give an idea about the functioning of the application, supports in using data of a user and facilitates payment clearance. Features that should be present in the admin panel are user management, parking management, manage payments, manage bookings, manage offers and more.

Although, these features in your parking app can help to stand out in the crowd and results in increasing the loyal user base. Now we are aware of what features and components should be present in the on-demand parking app development. This app can be beneficial for users to provide effective experience and gain their trust in using this app. Let’s take a look at the advantages of parking app:

1. Optimized Parking: This helps users to find the parking spot which helps save time, resources and efforts. It also manages the parking where space is occupied appropriately by the commercial and corporate organizations.

2. Reduce Pollution and lower environmental footprint: To search for the open parking space results in burning a huge amount of vehicle fuel in a day. It benefits in wasting a few kilometers in search of parking spots which decrease individual pollution. Petrol, fossil fuels, diesel, and other fuels help generate emissions like carbon dioxide. But, carbon dioxide is the most important factor to contribute to greenhouse gases and results in climate change.

3. Decrease traffic: Traffic flow increases as less number of cars are necessary for driving in search of open parking space.

4. Enhance User Experience: Different parking solutions result in integrating the experience of the user into the joint action. Thus, payment of driver, time notification, location search and identification of spot is very important for the booking process.

5. Payments and POS: While returning users can change manual cash payments option with application payments and invoices from their phone which gain the trust of the customer and positive feedback of the user.

6. Revenue Streams: Several revenue streams are used in this smart parking system. For example, the person who owns a parking lot allows the option of tiered payment considering the location of parking space. Moreover, different reward programs are present in the app to influence the users to use this app daily.

7. Safety Measures: The real-time data about the parking lot is present with employees and security guards which helps prevent parking violations and track suspicious activity. Also, a decrease in spot-searching traffic on roads results in reducing the prevalence of accidents caused because of the issue occurring in search of parking space.


For developing the personalized parking app, it is very important to consider the price required for parking app development. Initially, while developing it may feel like developing the taxi app but after the technology integration and implementing several features with an updated version can be an important factor. Maybe, you can mention the features necessary for parking apps and personalize the users’ experience by providing efficient mobile business applications. By integrating the customized features, this will provide a user-friendly experience to drivers and encourage them to use this app daily. This results in giving impactful opportunities for businesses to maximize the scope of work.


Author’s Bio: Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on the mobile application. He works in a leading mobile app development company with skilled iOS and Android app developers that have developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.


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