Dos And Don’ts Of Car Air Conditioning

The car conditioner is an essential in the scorching hot summer days. Once upon a time the air condition was a luxury but with passing time it has become a necessity. Not only at home now we are get used of eth air conditioner at our cars. Do you imagine a summer day inside the car without the air conditioner with the hideous sun outside? Worrisome, right? Well hence it is always better to maintain your car air-conditioning system to get some relief in unbearable hot summer. Besides you comfort it the proper usage of car air conditioning helps to keep the mileage on a safe level and maintain the engine regularly. Hence for adequate maintenance, follow the dos and don’ts mentioned below.


  • Have the car air-conditioned and focus on combating bacterial invasion :

You may save the cost and use the vehicle for the long run. And use active sanitizer wherever applicable to protect your car from fungal and bacterial invasion. Whenever you find foul smell inside the vehicle, you can use fresh-smelling products.

  • Monitor The System Performance And Notice Of Any Change In Action Is There:

It can save your expenses over the years, especially for expensive cars like BMW, Mercedes, etc. Run the system regularly and ensure to check whether the car air conditioning is is running correctly or not.

  • Prefer Switching Off The System Few Minutes Before The End Journey:

You must run the blower in high setting so that you can avoid the occurrence of bacteria, fungi inside the car.


  • Avoid ruing the On A Low-Refrigerant Level and avert from removing The Valve Caps :

The seals will look fragile. Apart from this, it is the invitation to get damaged by the compressor. The compressor will consume more cost to give a regular performance. Besides do not remove the valve caps. In-car air conditioning, removal of any valve will hold the refrigerant under extreme pressure, and it may cause several side effects.

  • Do not allow anyone to fill The Car With Refrigerant:

It is not the guarantee that the car air conditioning fit table with any refrigerant. This kind of activity may cause overcharging and damageable operation for the compressor. Besides, avoid allowing anyone venting the fluorescent gas refrigerant to the atmosphere. It is not legal, and it damages our environment.

  • Prohibit to charge the car system with Any Charging Oil And Gas:

The correct choice of gas is mandatory for maintenance of the safety of the car. Whereas there are almost eight distinct oil choices, accurate matching is preferable. Avoid the usage of ‘rogue’ refrigerants. Take proper care so that there is no risk of explosion inside the car. Also do not put off the system after repairmen.  you do this, get ready to pay the hectic repair bill.

Troubleshoot Air Conditioning Problems:

  • There are many problems related to car air conditioning. No cooling happens due to the absence of refrigerant. If leakage in the compressor is the main reason, identify and repair the system before recharging.
  • Finding the refrigerant leaks is mandatory because as the vehicle becomes older, there is a high probability OF leakage and seepage. Hence the loss of refrigerants may have adverse effects on the system performance.
  • For the best possible performance, evacuate the system with a vacuum pump. Pinpoint the noise problems and eliminate them as soon as possible.
  • If you know that the vehicle has leakage in the car air conditioning system, then before the next charging procedure, repair it. If the car is not working for a long time due to the loss of refrigerant, approach the vendor, and ask for annual servicing.
  • Get rid of the unwanted odor through organisms by spreading chemicals through the air intake. Replace the evaporators every year as it reduces the harmful odor.

The filter drier is useful for the car as it soaks the moisture from the air. It is advisable to change the filter in 2 years.  All the required services are available, and it is of your concern how soon you want it. Follow up on the above procedure to maintain the perfect air conditioning system.

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