Dodge began its lavish 40th anniversary celebration

Sunday 7th February 1954

Dodge began its lavish 40th anniversary celebration. On February 23, 1903 the Dodge brothers formally agreed to supply Henry Ford with 650 chassis (including engines, transmissions, and axles) for $250 each, thus beginning a profitable, but stormy relationship between the two firms. In July 1914, the Dodge brothers incorporated as the Dodge Brothers Motor Car Company after they had decided to manufacture and assemble their own automobile and severed relations with Ford. Their first car, which came to be known as “Old Betsy”, came off the assembly line on November 14, 1914. It was a five-passenger touring car with a wheelbase of 110 inches and came equipped with a 25 H.P. engine. All parts for the new car were thoroughly tested prior to acceptance. John Dodge tested tires by dropping various brands off a four-story building and ascertained the crash-worthiness of one prototype by driving it into a wall at 20 mph.

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