DIY Undersealing vs. Professional Undersealing: Which is Best?

For most people in the UK, the vehicle they drive is one of the largest purchases they will make in their life, outside of their homes. This means that a certain amount of preventative maintenance should be done to help extend the longevity of your vehicles. What kind of preventative maintenance?


What is Car Underseal?

            Underseal is a fantastic way to extend the longevity of your car by rust-proofing the most vulnerable places on your vehicles against the inevitable and ever-present dampness that is common in the UK. It is a thick layer of specifically formulated oil, wax, or grease, meant to be applied to the underside of your car to protect it from rust damage. What parts of your vehicle are the most vulnerable to rust damage?

  • Wheel Arches

The constant barrage of water, mud, silt, and stones from the road into your wheel arches makes this area of your car a prime candidate for undersealing. It can be easy to forget about these parts of your car because you rarely must look at the wheel arches but once rust takes a hold of an area like the arch, it can severely damage the body of the car in a surprisingly short time.

  • Brake Lines

Brake lines are not directly affected by rust but the areas where they are anchored are. Once rust begins to eat away at the anchors that hold your brake lines, they can easily become dislodged, creating a tremendous hazard.

  • Undercarriage

These are the areas you don’t look at, so it is understandable why protecting them against rust isn’t a top priority for most people. The undercarriage is one of the most structurally significant parts of your vehicle and once rust has created significant damage, it is extremely difficult to fix. A layer of underseal prevents rust from causing major issues to the underside of your vehicle.

Can I Apply Underseal Myself?

            Applying underseal, particularly if you want to apply it evenly with a spray gun to cover the entire underside of your car, is a challenging task. There are products that you can order and methods that you could use to apply underseal yourself to your vehicle if you wanted to but for the untrained, it can be difficult to get it done properly. According to Mark from Scottish undersealing company Preserve Protect “Professional undersealing can save you time and money by ensuring that the job is executed with precision and that a high-quality finish is the result.”

What are the Benefits of Professional Undersealing?

            Professional undersealing gives you peace of mind, knowing that the preventative rust treatment you are applying to your car is effectively installed and will continue to make a difference for your vehicle for years to come. What are the benefits of getting a professional to do your undersealing?

  • Job will be done to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All debris will be removed prior to installation and a proper preparation process applied to the undercarriage first, creating a better finish.
  • Professionals can assess if there is damage that needs to be repaired first before applying under seal.
  • The type of underseal you choose (wax with white spirits, grease, or oils) is important and a professional can help you choose the right one for you.

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