Defective Auto Components that Lead to Car Accidents & Grave Injuries

Faultily manufactured, defective, or poorly designed car parts may culminate in grave injuries or wrongful death in the event of a car mishap. Insufficient warnings regarding some dangerous aspects of a car like not bothering to provide a necessary warning label wherever required that may not be obvious to the driver or the passenger could be a perfect reason to accuse and hold the manufacturer of the car responsible for the harm and hassle caused by the car’s defective part.

As per, over the past few years, the auto industry has witnessed the constant recall of various vehicles because of manufacturing defects. A car is regarded as defective if there is a design defect or a manufacturing defect. Some of the defective auto parts that are most recalled are ignition switches, brake pedals or accelerator, brake components, airbags, fuel lines, door latches, seats, steering columns, gas links, windshields, transmissions, and cooling systems. When accidents involving a defective car in Miami occur, it is best to seek legal intervention by contacting experienced and reliable lawyers.

Some Defective Auto Parts that Lead to Accidents

There are several auto parts that may malfunction while the car is in motion and so, multiple injuries may be sustained by the passengers or the driver of the car involved in an accident. Here are some possibilities because of defective car components.

  • Airbags may explode, deploy at the wrong time, fail to deploy, deploy with excessive force, or deploy too fast. Airbags are used for deploying and safeguarding you against the intense impact associated with the vehicle accident and safeguards the consumers against any serious injuries.
  • Seat belts may fail, break, or unbuckle during a vehicle accident. One of the really vital components of the car’s safety equipment is your seat belt. If it breaks or unlatches during an accident, an individual can get grievously injured or even get killed due to the impact.
  • Roofs may collapse during an impact or rollover car crash. The driver compartment may get compromised in the event the rollover protection mechanism fails. The people traveling in the car may get grievously injured.
  • Defective ball joint may cause accidents. The steering system could end up breaking and causing a tire blowout. The driver may suddenly lose control while driving. This sort of defect may culminate in a rollover and cause serious injuries.
  • Tire may fail and lead to a car accident. A tire explosion may suddenly make the driver lose control over the vehicle. Large cars may trip due to tire failures and they may roll over in the event of accidents.
  • Defective power steering design may cause serious accidents. Even though it may be still possible to get a grip over your car despite the failure of power steering, the drastic change in the overall force necessary for doing so may trigger conditions that may culminate in a car accident.
  • Brake failure can make a driver lose control over his car and lead to serious accidents.
  • Windshield wiper assemblies may not work properly while driving in a rainstorm and that may make you lose visibility leading to dangerous accidents.
  • Defective cooling fans may cause an explosion or fire in the car leading to serious injuries and fatalities.

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Some Common Injuries Caused by Defective Auto Parts

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Quadriplegia
  • Paraplegia
  • Orthopedic and internal injuries
  • Multiple lacerations
  • Facial injuries
  • Concussion or head injury
  • Burns
  • Broken bones

Conclusion: Seek Fair Damage Recovery In the Event of a Defective Car Component Accident

If a defective car part has been instrumental in causing a car accident and injuring you, you may start a legal process and may receive fair compensation for covering the medical expenses, lost wages, continuing care, and damages to your car. If the car manufacturer, designer, or the other party is found guilty of negligence, you could be eligible for damages including suffering and pain.


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