DAF’s first production car

Friday 7th February 1958

DAF’s first production car, the automatic transmission ‘600’, financed by the success of DAF trucks, was introduced at the Auto RAI Amsterdam. The 590cc 2 cylinder four-stroke engine was capable of developing 22 hp, giving it a top speed of just 55 mph (90km/h). In the beginning the cars were available in two versions, the “Standaard” (standard) and the “Luxe” (luxury). The Standard was very basic, only available in grey-green colour with grey interior, without wheel covers and with ivory coloured bumpers. Most buyers however opted for the “Luxe” which was available in six colours. The combination of a white roof and white walled tyres was optional. The interior was dark grey with grey or black and white. The wheel covers and bumpers were chrome.

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