Consider the Benefits of Tinting Your Vehicle’s Windows

Window tinting seems to have become all the rage.  Nary a day goes by where you don’t pass another motorist on the highway with tinted windows.  Has this influenced you to consider tinting your car’s windows or turned you off as it seems like a simple fad of the young?  Would it surprise you to know there are a multitude of benefits that can come from tinting your vehicles windows?  There are many reasons aside from appearance to consider window tinting!

Protect Your Interior and Self

The interior of your vehicle is often exposed to the extreme heat and sun rays during the hottest months of the year.  Over time, this can take quite a toll on the interior of your car, causing fading of fabric and other surfaces, in addition to the cracking of leather and plastic components.  Window tinting can block UV rays up to 99 percent!  This can be an asset to your car’s long-term value.  Keeping your car or truck in mint condition well help your future trade in value!
Don’t forget about your own precious skin.  While driving you will be exposed to sun rays coming in the windows.  A quality tint can help keep those harmful rays off your skin, reducing your risk of skin cancer!

Let Your Individuality Shine!

If you are looking to make your vehicle unique, try window tinting.  There are a wide variety of tints to choose from, allowing you to let your tastes and personality shine through!  Always be sure to check into your state’s laws regarding the level of tint that is legal in your state.  Be aware that special considerations may apply to those with medical conditions, although such persons much obtain proper documentation that can be presented in the event they are pulled over.

Additional Protection

It is common for windows or windshields to shatter when you are involved in an accident.  A window tint may be able to improve the safety of your car in such cases.  A quality tint job can prevent the glass from shattering everywhere and thus lessons the risk of being injured by broken glass.  Furthermore, tint is helpful in preventing your car from being broken into as the glass is held in place when a robber attempts to break through, making it significantly more difficult to break in.

Keep Your Interior Cooler

Window tinting can vastly decrease the interior temperature of your car during hot summer days.  Window tinting has proven to keep the interior of a vehicle as much as 78% cooler than vehicles without window tinting.  Thus, you can reduce how much you run the AC, leading to a longer life for your AC unit.

Spend Less on Gas

In the same vein, with the reduction of interior temp , and subsequently using the AC less, you can increase your fuel economy.  It is simple, the less you run the AC the more MPG’s you will get out of each tank of gas.

Secure Your Privacy

Tinted windows can greatly increase your privacy.  It will be much more difficult to see who or what you are carrying in your car.  This will make it less likely a thief will break in your vehicle to swipe packages or other valuables.  Not to mention, you may even be safer when traveling alone, as no one will be able to determine if there are additional passengers in your vehicle!

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