Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Although Georgia’s roads are becoming safer, motor vehicle crashes are still the leading cause of non-injury deaths in the state. Furthermore, traffic accidents remain the second leading cause of ER visits and hospitalizations in Georgia, which highlights just how commonplace they are.

In Fulton County alone, there were 144 traffic-related fatalities in 2019, while 2018 saw more than 45,000 crashes in the county. To find out how so many people are being hurt on the roads, take a look at some of the most common types of car accidents

1. Single Vehicle Crashes

Single vehicle crashes can occur for a number of reasons, including poor weather conditions, driver error or damaged road surfaces. In some cases, a driver may swerve to avoid another vehicle, only to crash into something else. Perhaps surprisingly, single vehicle crashes can be among the most serious, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) estimating that more than half of motor vehicle crash fatalities in 2019 occurred as a result of single vehicle crashes.

2. Rear End Collisions

When one vehicle hits another from behind, it’s recorded as a rear end collision. These types of incidents commonly occur at traffic lights, when one vehicle is stationary and the second vehicle fails to stop in time. If a rear end collision happens when one vehicle isn’t moving, it can increase the force of the impact and cause the driver and/or passengers to sustain serious injuries.

3. T-Bone Accidents

If the front of one vehicle collides with the side of another car, truck, or bike, it’s termed a T-bone accident. This is because the vehicles, when they come to a standstill, are in a similar formation to the letter T. This type of incident often occurs at intersections, particularly if a driver fails to stop at a red light and continues through the intersection when they don’t have the right of way.

4. Sideswipe Collisions

In some instances, the sides of two vehicles might collide, without a classic crash even occurring. This might take place when drivers attempt to switch lanes, for example, or if a driver becomes distracted and doesn’t notice other vehicles nearby. Depending on the severity of the impact, being sideswiped could cause your vehicle to swerve off the road, potentially leading to further damage and injuries.

Dealing with a Car Accident

Now you know what types of accidents occur most frequently, you’ll be more aware of the risks you face on the roads. No matter how careful you are, however, it isn’t always possible to avoid getting caught up in a collision. With more than 6 million car accidents occurring on the roads every year, it’s clear that a significant number of people are injured due to the actions of other people.

If you’ve been injured due to an accident on the road, click here to find out more about making a claim for compensation. With advice and assistance from an experienced car accident attorney, you can ensure that you’re properly compensated for an incident that wasn’t your fault.

While financial compensation can’t turn back time or prevent your injuries from occurring, it can help you to deal with the aftermath of a crash or collision.

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