Clear Signs When Your Car Needs Windshield Replacement

A clean and clear windshield is an important part of being able to drive safely. It helps you see everything in front of you, and keeps you safe from rocks and other debris that can get kicked up by other vehicles. But over time, these windshields can deteriorate thanks to the wear and tear of daily driving.

While a completely shattered windshield obviously needs tending to, it isn’t the only sign that your vehicle could benefit from a windshield replacement. There are several other signs that can help you know when it is time to get a replacement. This article is going to go over a couple of those signs to help you out.

Chips or Scratches

The existence of chips and scratches on your windshield is one of the clearest signs that it needs to be replaced. As you drive, rocks, dirt and other debris will often be kicked up by other cars or brought up in the wind. As you drive through these, there is a chance they can chip, scratch or even crack your windshield.

These can be large chips or scratches, or relatively small. In addition to simply looking bad, these have other negatives as well. These chips and scratches can materialize into much bigger issues, and can block your field of view while driving.

Even small scratches or chips should be dealt with. If they are simply left alone, they can become much bigger issues. The longer you drive with a compromised windshield, the more prone it is to future damage. So once you see damage, it is best to deal with them quickly.

Evidence of Pitting

In addition to scratches and chips, you should also keep an eye out for pits. Pitting is when particles like sand and dust hit your windshield and leave little pits in the glass. While these are sometimes hardly noticeable and not always that deep, this isn’t always the case.

At some times, especially during dusk and dawn, these pits will scatter the light being reflected, and it can be incredibly distracting to drive with. In some cases they can even momentarily blind you, which is the last thing you want while driving on the road.

If you notice this pitting has been affecting you, it is best to have a professional take a look and consider replacing the entire windshield. If you have ever been momentarily blinded by some bright light on your windshield while driving, there is a good chance it’s from a pit or multiple pits.

Whitish Color At The Edges

If you notice some white along the edges of your windshield, it might be time for a replacement. Your windshield is made of laminated glass, which is meant to hold together when cracked. It does this thanks to a plastic safety film that resides between the two layers of your windshield glass. Without this layer, the glass would simply shatter.

If you notice this white haze around the edges of the windshield, it could mean that some parts of the safety film is becoming discolored and deteriorating. This can often come from sitting water on the edges of your windshield. The safety film could also simply be coming off the glass, which is also a cause for concern.

Your windshield is crucial for being able to see the road clearly, and protect those in the front seat from debris. If you notice chips or scratches, pitting or a whitish color on the edge of the windshield, it is a good idea to get a replacement.

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