How Does My Choice of Engine Oil Affect My Car?

A car totally depends upon the engine oil we put into it, perhaps it would be a great deal and be highly effective based on performance or not. To use the proper outcome from the engine it is essential to use the most effective oil for your car. There are “n” numbers of a type of oil available by different brands in the market but finding the best one for your car would be the biggest deal as Every oil brand used many tag line which says that the oil is best for your car and provides the best service to you but do you ever find these tag lines even relateable? that’s the big point of concern.

So Let’s find out which oil is best for your car before, that have a look at the types of engine oil available –

Types of engine oil available in the market

1- Fully synthetic engine oil

Nowadays everyone prefers to use fully synthetic oil for their cars to get the full effective performance of the car engine and also provide proper lubricant to the engine which does not affect the harshly on the engine much so some choose this while their Auto repair service.

Why does anybody need fully synthetic engine oil-

Now every car manufacturers focus on the point of the high maintenance of engine so for maintaining the effective lubricant to the engines which improve or maintain the functionality of its condition to its best.

2- Synthetic engine oil

Synthetic engine oil provides mixed features of both conventional or full synthetic oil for best inflow or maintained for the best in class kind of features.

Why does anybody need synthetic engine oil-

It also is known as semi-synthetic engine oil or synthetic blend engine oil as it shows the most flexible approach to the oil or grease the system.

3- Conventional engine oil

Conventional engine oil is less expensive than synthetic oils it gives proper protection to the engine, it provides high speed to the finishing of engine working staus as compare to others.

Why does anybody need conventional engine oil

Conventional oil breaks down very easily as compare to synthetic engine oil, which provides lubrication to the engine for better engine performance.

How conventional oil performs better than synthetic engine oil

  • Synthetic engine oil has higher quality base oil as compared to conventional engine oil, Which makes conventional engine oil Less chemically stable as compare to synthetic engine oil.
  • Conventional oil Acidify or oxidize so easily as compared to synthetic oil which refers to conventional oil to comes under the radar of less usable engine oil As it is Break down very easily as compared to synthetic oil in any atmosphere.
  • As synthetic oil has low with viscosity it generates lower friction and resistance inside the engine which makes engines work in a lesser hard.

As shown above, molecules of conventional engine oil and the viscosity depend upon the size of the average molecule.conventional engine oil molecules have differences and vary in size which creates conventional oil differ in viscosity and on the other hand synthetic engine oil has all even molecules which work well with viscosity.

How oil affects the car

  • The oil improves the performance of the engine and enhances the car functionality.
  • The lubrication of the surface of the engine parts even increases the performance of the engine.
  • For effective usage of the engine, the oil must be of low viscosity as it comes with low temperature because it is a law of physics that lower is the viscosity create the movable part of the engine working capacity more effective than in higher temperature as in low in viscosity creates the movable parts work more properly and effectively as well as increase the productivity of the car. We can take a simple example from our daily regular life As we all have seen it that it is easy to stir a glass of water as compared to maple syrup.
  • So that lowers the viscosity of engine oil better the performance of engine due to the matter of resistance.

Role of viscosity in engine oil in the car

  • Viscosity has various effects on the role of heat generation in the engine or brakes and gears, it affects the oil consumption of the car engine, with variations in temperature creates differ in viscosity as in cold weather viscosity increase in the rate of viscosity as compared to other weather as like in summer.
  • Viscosity defines the thickness of any liquid as the temperature increases liquid becomes as flows like a liquid.
  • Temperature affects the viscosity properties of engine oil in the aspect of change in weather or other parameters. The main requirements of a flow of engine oil define the effective performance of the oil.
  • It will retail fuel efficiency.

What defines an oil viscosity for car engine

Viscosity defines upon the size of the molecule The higher the, thicker is the size of the molecule or heavier is the viscosity.

Due to that molecule of conventional engine oil vary in size and shape which creates a difference in viscosity after some time and due to that many performance issues get generated in the engine.

In the above graph most changed in viscosity happen at 40 to 100 degrees of temperature.

The change in viscosity depends upon temperature, outer pressure, and the actual shear stress for the oil and its floating temperatures.

 Which engine oil you should use for increasing the performance of your car engine

  • Do not panic with various types and features of engine oil available in the market star moving slowly with traditional and conventional engine oil.
  • Start with the oil recommended by your car service provider and after few usages jumps to the synthetic engine oil for better fuel efficiency or to increase the performance of the car engine.
  • Go for qualified mechanics for further changes in engine oil and proper clean to improve the performance of the car engine.
  • For beneficial usage of the car, the engine goes with manufacturer recommendation.

Have cheerful and secure driving.

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