Charles Thomas Fisher

Monday 16th February 1880

Born on this day in Ohio, US, Charles Thomas Fisher. He joined his brother as an employee at the C. R. Wilson Company, a manufacturer of horse-drawn carriage bodies who were just beginning to construct bodies for the automobile makers. With the fledgling automobile business about to emerge as a major industry, together with their uncle Albert, on July 23, 1908 Charles and Fred Fisher founded the Fisher Body Company. Soon, they brought their five younger male siblings into the business. Highly successful, the Fishers expanded their operation into Canada, setting up a plant in Walkerville, Ontario and by 1914 their company had grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of auto bodies. In 1919, the Fisher brothers sold 60% of their company to General Motors Corporation (GM). In 1926, Fisher Body Company became a subsidiary division of General Motors when

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