Changing with the season; how car subscription helps your business with seasonal demand

Technology is revolutionising the way we all work, and AI tools such as chat GPT look set to radically alter many of our workflows in the coming months and years. The march of technology may feel relentless, but although AI is about to upend how many of us do business, the world won’t stop turning – literally. One factor which remains immutable no matter how much we innovate is the blessing and bane of businesses alike; seasonal demand.

If your business experiences seasonal demand, your fleet solution should be able to meet your business needs. For companies that experience seasonal demand, car subscription is a great way to stay flexible and save money. Many businesses, such as tourism and event companies, have peak seasons where they need additional vehicles to keep up with demand. However, during off-peak seasons, these vehicles may sit idle, costing the company money in maintenance, insurance, and other expenses. Car subscription allows these businesses to add vehicles during peak seasons, and then easily return them when demand drops. Subscription works by the month, and offers cheaper rates than traditional daily rental. As such your company can save money in the long run, as they only pay for the vehicles they need, when they need them.

In addition to cost savings, car subscription also offers convenience and flexibility for companies with seasonal demand. With a car subscription service, you enjoy the option to extend, return or swap into a different vehicle at any point during the subscription. This means your company can quickly and easily add or remove vehicles from their fleet as demand changes. So you don’t have to worry about making long-term commitments or dealing with the hassle of buying and selling vehicles. Instead, you can focus on providing excellent service to their customers, knowing that you have the vehicles you need to get the job done.

This flexibility offers other business benefits, such as the ability to easily provide company cars to temps or employees on probation. If you have a project requiring contractors, you can sweeten the deal by offering a risk free company car, allowing your business to bring on board the best people.

Of course, car subscription companies aren’t immune from seasonal demand themselves. Subscribers prize the flexibility car subscription offers, and may opt for a convertible in the summer, and a 4×4 in the winter. This is why opting for a car subscription company with established links to dealers, brokers and OEMs is so important, so they can source the correct vehicles at the correct times.

Mycardirect is the car subscription arm of the AAM Group which has been creating innovative fleet solutions since the 1990s, and has longstanding relationships with all the major industry players. With a fleet of over 7000 vehicles at their disposal, and a team with decades of experience in the automotive industry, mycardirect can offer bespoke subscriptions on niche vehicles. For example, mycardirect has just secured the iconic VW campervan to offer on monthly and weekly subscription ahead of the Summer period. Subscriptions are a great option for business and personal use, so if you fancy hitting the road in a campervan, but don’t want to lumber yourself with one permanently, look no further.

To learn more about how a car subscription can benefit your business, visit

If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of a VW camper this summer, please call 0333 0155 055 to enquire.

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