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  • Why you may need additional legal help after a car accident

    Over the course of your driving life, the chances are that you will have a vehicle accident. Every year, 55 million Americans have them. They happen everywhere people drive. So you need to be realistic and be as prepared as possible for when that day comes. That is what this article is all about. Navigating […]

  • Here’s Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney

    It only takes seconds for a motor vehicle accident to take your life off track! Car accidents can occur anytime and the cause can be as simple as adjusting seat belts or changing the music. It can also because someone ignores the basic driving rules or drives recklessly. Being in a motor vehicle accident can […]

  • Car Accident Lawsuits Explained: 7 Deadly Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Case

    Being a victim of a car accident does not mean an automatic payday. Not only do claims for damages have to be supported by evidence, but things you say and do can reduce your compensation or get your case thrown out of court. Defense lawyers and insurance adjusters are always looking for ways to get […]

  • Top Five Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

    Andrew Thompson Irrespective of how cautiously you drive and adhere to traffic rules, vehicle accidents are unpredictable and they can occur at any time. You may therefore be involved in an accident without being responsible for it or causing it. Auto accidents are common occurrences and it can be quite challenging for victims when they […]

  • 3 Things You Can Do If You’ve Been Falsely Accused of Driving Under the Influence

    Tim Brown While law enforcement officers have the technology to know if someone is driving under the influence, it is still possible that a driver can be falsely accused. For example, certain prescription medications, inaccurate sobriety testing, and even discrimination may account for these false accusations. If you ever land in one of these situations, […]

  • 4 Money Saving Tips After a Car Accident

    Brandon Leuangpaseuth Car accidents can be a huge financial burden. Imagine having to deal with insurances, getting your car fixed, possibly repairing the other person’s car, and having to pay for various other damages from the collision. It can be quite the headache. Here are 4 money saving tips to help ease the financial burden […]

  • What To Do If You’ve Witnessed A Vehicle Accident?

    Vehicle accidents are scary and it can occur any time and anywhere. In the event that you witness a car accident, you should know how to react appropriately to the emergency in front of you. No, you do not have to be the hero in this scene, just follow the steps below: Stay Calm and […]

  • Key Signs Your New Vehicle is a Lemon

    So you’ve just bought a car from a relative, and you’re out for a trip with your friends when suddenly, your car breaks down. Hmm, it didn’t act up like this when I did my test drive, you think. My friend, it looks like you bought a lemon car! A car is termed a “lemon” […]

  • What Should You Do Legally as a Driver After Getting Caught in a Car Accident?

    A car accident can leave even the most level-headed person feeling overwhelmed and confused. Further, this stressful event raises a lot of questions at once. Should I move my car? Should I call the police? When and will I ever make a claim? When should I call my lawyer? When car accidents happen, emotions may […]

  • What to Do in a Legal Sense If a Drunk Driver Caused Your Car Accident to Happen

    In a vehicle accident, wherein the other driver was drunk driving, there is a good chance you can receive compensation for any damages and injuries resulting from the car accident. Also, you may file a personal injury lawsuit against the drunk driver. However, your route to a personal injury lawsuit may be challenging if you […]