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  • An Unexpected Classic

    I had the joy of taking my kids around Cadbury World last weekend. It seemed to be the perfect option for a cold and wet weekend trip. We had planned to go for a while, but when the weather set in, the trip suddenly became a highlight of the week. It was everything you would […]

  • Tips for Finding Your Classic Car’s History

    Unlike modern cars, locating your classic car’s history can be daunting. But here are a few handy tips you can use to find historical information on your vintage ride. Ask the Experts This can be challenging, as it’s not available for every classic make or model. However, Pontiac owners are lucky because the Pontiac Historical […]

  • Celebrating 60 Years Of The Corvair Revolution

    For car enthusiasts, it’s hard to imagine that it has been 60 years since the very first Chevrolet Corvair came rolling off the production line on October 2, 1959. It would be the start of a 10-year reign as one of the most innovative and controversial cars to ever hit the road. In 1950s and […]

  • The History and Evolution of the Rolls Royce Ghost

    The History and Evolution of the Rolls Royce Ghost

    Cover Image: 1954 Airport Road Suite #221 Atlanta, GA, 30341If you are a car enthusiast, you will agree that no other vehicle brand offers more luxury, comfort and class than the Rolls Royce. Consequently, all their models have a high price tag and only rich people can afford them. The manufacturer has maintained high standards for […]

  • 1941 Beetle: Number 20 out of 21 million

    1941 Beetle: Number 20 out of 21 million

    Andy GregoryNumber 20… Let that just sink in a little and we can explain exactly what it means. If you know a bit about wartime and pre-war ‘Beetles’ then you may have seen older examples. Before this and 19 others, there were only ever prototypes, pre-prototypes and staff vehicles. This car rolled off an actual […]

  • Ford Escort

    This years marks the 50th anniversary of the #Ford #Escort, which made its  show debut at Brussels Motor Show in January 1968. Originally designed as the new Anglia, the Euro-friendly Escort name was adopted instead for the fresh small Ford after the formation of Ford of Europe in 1967. Although it had less distinctive styling than the Anglia, […]

  • Hindustan Ambassador

    60 years ago this month Hindustan Motors of India launched the Hindustan Ambassador. There were just a few improvements and changes over its production hat ended in 2014. The Ambassador was based on the Morris Oxford series III model, first made by Morris Motors Limited at Cowley, Oxford in the United Kingdom from 1956 to […]

  • Classic Car of the Month: Subaru 360

    [amazon template=Carousel] The first Subaru, the Subaru 360 was launched 50 years ago this month (March 1968). At that time, Japanese automobile manufacturers were working on developing small cars according to a plan calling for the production of a “people’s car” as advocated by Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry. The Subaru 360 was […]