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  • Kenworth Truck Parts and Accessories

    Kenworth Truck Parts and Accessories

    Did you know that the vast majority of goods transported across the USA go by road? You may think that, for such a large area, air freight may be the favored method. Yet air freight is expensive, aeroplanes can only carry a limited weight, and the goods still have to get from source and to […]

  • Tips To Increase Car Lifespan

    Tips To Increase Car Lifespan

    Don’t Ignore Gauges and Dashboard Warning Lights Many drivers have a tendency of dismissing dashboard warning lights hoping that they will just go away. However, if you ever start your car and notice a strange light blinking in the instrument cluster, it is highly important that you look into it as soon as possible. Ignoring […]

  • 5 Signs Your Car’s Electrical System Is Failing

    5 Signs Your Car’s Electrical System Is Failing

    Way back in the middle of the 20th century, typically around 1% of the value of a car stemmed from the electrics. Basically, electric radios and lights were as much as you could expect in a standard car. These days though, around 30% of a cars value comes from electric components, some of which are crucial […]

  • 8 Things to Do to Secure the Safety and Security of Your Caravan

    8 Things to Do to Secure the Safety and Security of Your Caravan

      You spent a lot of money on your caravan. Second to your house, a caravan purchase is probably the most expensive purchase of your life. Hence, it’s just right that you go all out in securing it. It’s a solid investment that deserves all the safety and security that it can get. To help […]

  • Why Should You Buy a Used Engine, and How?

    So you discover one fine day that your car is going nowhere because the engine has stopped working. In desperation to get things quickly fixed, you may decide to replace your current vehicle. But please don’t move so fast. There is a possibility you can get it moving again by replacing parts and not necessarily […]

  • The 5 Most Common Reasons for Car Breakdowns

    Cars break down. It is annoying but ultimately unavoidable. Thankfully, most modern vehicles have pretty good self-diagnostic systems and indicators. In other words, your car will warn you (in most cases) before breaking down in the middle of nowhere. The dashboard will light up with several indicators when you turn on the ignition and start […]

  • Buyers Guide to Selecting High-Quality Engine Oil Filters

    If you are searching for high-quality engine oil filters, there are multiple options before you. Depending on the nature of the vehicle and the way you drive, you have to select an engine oil filter that suits different criteria. The best means of discovering the best option for the car is by grabbing online reviews […]

  • Transmission Flush And Beyond: 6 Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Car

    Transmission Flush And Beyond: 6 Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Car

    Regular maintenance is paramount to keeping the vehicle properly working for car owners. This is especially true since cars endure constant and heavy usage, which often leads to wear and tear in different components of the vehicle. That said, it’s necessary to take care of your engine among all these components, mainly since it is […]

  • Is It Better to Wax or Polish a Car?

    A vehicle is more than a means of getting from point A to point B; it’s an investment. Treating it as such, an owner should do what it takes to preserve his car’s look and condition. Blazing Auto recommends car waxes and polishes should come into play as regularly as possible to accomplish this goal. […]

  • Why You Should Consider Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber for the C8 Corvette

    While some C8 owners may not care about the carbon fiber parts, others might. If you’re a C8 owner who wants to make a statement, you should consider the carbon fiber parts from Racing Sport Concepts. These carbon fiber car parts are durable, lightweight, and strong. The front splitter, side skirts, and ducktail spoiler are […]