Car Wash Fundraiser Guide: A Proven Moneymaker

The car wash fundraiser is a tried and true American tradition. It is a little slice of Americana from the past century that is still in existence today. Everyone needs their car washed, and they might feel willing to give some money to a worthy cause if they get something in return.

You can set up a superb car wash fundraiser if you follow the tips in the following guide. You can use the money for your church, school, or any other cause that needs a quick cash infusion.

Pick a Pleasant Day

You will need to have your car wash fundraiser on a nice day. If there’s a thunderstorm brewing, people are not going to want their vehicles washed.

You can’t predict what the weather will do, which is why you might want to mark several consecutive days on the calendar when you can hold your car wash. That way, if one of the days gets ruined by the weather, you can still make a profit on the other ones.

You should also never run a car wash fundraiser in the winter. This is strictly a spring, summer, or early autumn activity.

Choose the Right Location

Picking the right location is crucial. If you are attempting to raise money for a religious venue or a school, having it right there in the parking lot makes sense. That way, the drivers can be sure of the event’s legitimacy.

You should also set up the car wash in a spot where vehicles can easily turn in off the main road. It makes little sense to set it up alongside a busy highway where the drivers who are interested can’t possibly pull over in time.

Keep the Cost to a Minimum

You’re attempting to make money, so try not to spend much cash on the soap, sponges, and other paraphernalia you’ll need to make the venture a success. You can shop for the supplies and get them in bulk from a place like Costco or Sam’s Club.

If you don’t have a membership to one of those types of places, you might get what you need at a Dollar Tree instead. There, you can get the car wash basics that will allow you to set up shop without spending much money in the process.

Charge a Reasonable Price

Nobody is going to spend a hundred dollars on a car wash. Make sure to set a price point that you think drivers will be willing to pay.

Usually, somewhere between $10-20 per car sounds about right. If you ask for more than that, the drivers might not be willing to spend on this impulse buy. Also, most people don’t carry a lot of cash on them, and you probably don’t want to go through the hassle of accepting credit cards or personal checks.

Car wash fundraisers have existed for decades, and the basic premise still works. Try to get some enthusiastic volunteers who don’t mind spending a long day outdoors sponging down vehicles.

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