Car Security- Buyer’s Guide for Effective Car Cameras

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Car cameras are also referred to as vehicle video recorders, car cams or dash cams. These are cameras that are installed in a vehicle. There are several reasons a person may want one and a variety of features need to be considered while shopping for the best solution.
The features vary slightly and the ones that are most essential will be based on your specific concerns. Perhaps you are a parent who is worried about how your new teenage driver behaves behind the wheel. Maybe you operate a business and delivery fleet. You may need to have a car camera that can protect you in case a traffic infraction occurs. There is a dash camera solution for every situation.

Camera Features

It is essential to be aware of the features that you need to think about when determining the right device for your requirements. Knowing what the features mean will help you ensure that you select the right dash cam.

  • It is important to note that many dash cameras are mainly designed for the purpose of recording a while a vehicle is in motion. You are likely to be served better by a battery powered and simple camera if your primary concern is monitoring your car while it is parked.
  • Many vehicle cameras are powered by the car that they are installed in through the use of a cigarette lighter adapter. Go to for more.
  • Cameras that have a battery pack will usually record for a short amount of time, which ranges from a few minutes to an hour when the vehicle is turned off.
  • Some models come with hardware kits but it is essential to remember that they draw power from the battery of the car, which can be drained completely when left on for a long time. Professional installation may also be required.

Basics of Car Cameras

Regardless of what the application is, there a number of things that should be considered while shopping.

Field of View

A wide field of view of a front-facing camera is a preferable choice. You want to be able to capture the wide area that is in front of your car and catch any vehicles and possibly people or animals along the road.

Frame Rate

The frame rate of the camera is also very important. Since the videos will be recorded while in motion, particularly on highways, you need a device that can record without excessive motion blur or skipping frames. A higher rate works better and lower rates are typically recorded by some of the low-cost devices.

Operating Temperatures

Many electronics list maximum and minimum operating temperatures within their specifications. You should pay close attention to this factor when buying a dash camera, especially if you reside in an area that reaches significantly low or high temperatures. Not all car cameras have been designed to handle extreme temperatures.


Environmental cameras such as humidity and heat may compromise windshield mounting. It might not be a good idea to use permanent adhesives for a leased vehicle. The mount can be replaced later in many cases but it is advisable to note what has been included in the cameras that you are interested in.

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