Car hacking: Is your car safe? (infographic)

Decades ago hacking a car was just an imaginary thought. It was quite impossible to steal your car without a physical presence. However, this is not the same in the present days as technology has changed a lot. The threat of your car being stolen has reached to new scary level as the hackers can invade through your vehicle’s advanced frameworks.

What Makes A Vehicle vulnerable to Cyberhacking?

With the trending technologies, the frameworks of vehicles have been modernized and most of the vehicle’s frameworks require interconnectivity with one another.

Mostly the latest vehicles have self-sufficient frameworks that are either partially or completely self-driving. This means that the vehicle must likewise be associated with the different vehicles and it’s like providing further access for hackers.

In present days, the vehicle usually stores a lot of information which is like helping hackers to steal our information.

Wondering how?

It’s via GPS framework through which your data or personal information such as a residential address, customary courses, and perhaps financial details.

Possible Hacking Points

  • Key fob
  • Wireless tire pressure
  • In-car WiFi
  • In-car satnav
  • Bluetooth
  • Multimedia systems

Read the infographic below to know how to lower the risk of your car being hacked.

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