How Can I Customize My Motorcycle Helmet?

Helmets are rapidly turning into fashion statements, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped being protective gear. If you’re looking to customize your helmet, some ideas are listed below, but be sure to check with the safety standards in your area to make sure that your helmet is following recommended guidelines!

Select a Design

The first thing you need to do is select what sort of design or customization you want. Once you decide that, you can move on to customize it. Some ways you can help yourself decide on a design are listed below.

Favorite Color

Which color do you like the most? Which color are you attracted to? Which color do you feel describes your personality the most? You can ask yourself these questions to figure out which color you’d like your helmet to be and then paint your helmet.

Attractive Patterns

If you’re not a fan of solid colors, patterns could be the right fit for you. Maybe you could get pinstripes, or maybe arrows? Whatever suits you, you don’t have to be bound by standard helmet designs. If you go to a professional and tell them what pattern you have in mind, they can create it for you!

Fandom of Choice

Is there a particular group that you’re part of? Perhaps you’re a geek and love Dungeons & Dragons, or maybe you’re a Marvel fanatic? If you’re particularly fond of the Avengers, buy a Captain America motorcycle helmet! Not only is that a super cool way of announcing to the world how much you love Steve Rogers, but it’s also a fashionable way of protection that will make you stand out from the usual crowd of bikers.

Select a Style

After you’ve decided what sort of design you want, it’s time to decide which way you’d instead achieve it. You can use paint, stickers, decals, or even skins!

Paint Job

Are you tired of everything about your helmet? The best way to get a new, clean slate is to paint it all over. This will eliminate any imperfections or paint that’s chipping off and give you a shiny new helmet design without the cost of investing in a new helmet. You can paint your helmet yourself in your backyard, or you can head over to a professional for a hassle-free job well done.


If silhouettes are your cup of tea, stencils are your best friend. All you need is some paper and tape. To make a stencil, draw the shape you want to paint on a piece of paper. Then, cut this paper according to the lines you’ve drawn, and that’s it! Your stencil is ready. Then, stick this stencil on your helmet using tape, and make sure the positioning is right. Fill in the stencil with paint, take off the tape, and you’ll have a super cool shape on your helmet.


Essentially a paint job, airbrushing is a professional way of painting helmets. It’s also slightly expensive, but it gives an even coating over the entire helmet and even allows for ombre colors on your helmet, so if you can’t pick a color, select multiple! Simply ask your professional to blend the colors, and you can have a funky rainbow motorcycle helmet.

Stickers and Decals

The fastest, easiest, and cheapest way of customizing a motorcycle helmet is by stickers and decals. You can buy stickers or print them yourself. Before sticking them onto your helmet, make sure that the surface of your helmet is cleaned correctly. There should be no dirt or grease, as this will prevent the glue from sticking properly. While putting on the decals, make sure that there are no air bubbles by firmly pressing onto the sticker as you paste it. And that’s all! You can spray a sealant for an extra layer of protection if you want.


Think of helmet skins as a protective case for your helmet. Similar to stickers and decals, skins stick onto the surface of your helmet, but they cover the entire helmet and not just a tiny area. They’re a replacement for painting/airbrushing, and skins are not permanent, as they can be taken off. If you want a skin, get it done by a professional because the application is a tricky process, and you may end up ruining your helmet if you try to do it yourself.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways you can customize your motorcycle helmet! You can personalize your existing one or buy a new helmet altogether. Either way, select a design and style that expresses your personality the most because even though helmets are necessary for protection, they’re also a part of your biking identity, so choose something that will make you want to wear the helmet just by taking one glance at it!

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