Where to Buy a Vintage Car

In the modem connected world, it’s never been easier to buy used and vintage cars. From online auction sites to classified listings and dealerships, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to buying pre-owned vehicles.

In particular, it used to be especially challenging to find an exact make or model of a classic vintage car. These days just doing a cursory search in Google will bring you pages of results. Finding older or antique vehicles has never been easier.

Here are five places you should consider when looking for your next used or classic car.

Car clubs

If you’re looking for a specific make and model of car, there are a few better places to start looking than at a dedicated car club. There are two main types of car club:

  • Drivers clubs – generic motoring groups which tend to attract ardent drivers
  • Owners clubs – dedicated to specific brands or models

If you already know the specific make and model you’re looking for, owners’ clubs can be a great source of information. Very often, other club members will be looking to sell their cars, but, if not, they will undoubtedly be able to put you in touch with recognized dealerships or private sellers.

Online classifieds

Directory and classified listing sites are perfect for finding used cars. Sites like Craigslist and Gumtree have extensive car listings sections. So long as you’re willing to potentially travel to collect the car of your dreams, they can be a great place to start. Browse the generic listing pages, sortable by price – or do a specific search for a particular make or model. Online classifieds offer a wealth of choice.

Local classifieds

Even with the growth of the Internet, local newspapers still serve an essential function, and the classifieds section of your community newspaper can be a great place to find your next used car.

Of course, by nature, local newspapers will mostly feature cars for sale nearby – which can be a particular advantage and save you traveling for collection. Also, consider checking the ‘for sale’ boards in local shops.


Of all your options, dealerships are probably your best choice for several different reasons. First and foremost, dealerships are highly skilled in the trade, and it’s not in their interest to sell you a faulty motor but buying from a dealer also has many other notable advantages.

  • Dealerships offer approved, checked used cars
  • You’ll be dealing with an expert
  • Dealerships frequently have easy and quick finance options available

On the flip side, you will tend to pay slightly more going through a dealer; however, it’s a small price to pay to have peace of mind that you’re not buying a car with problems. Another slight disadvantage is many dealerships focus only on newer models, limiting your choice a little (though that depends what you’re looking for).

When you are going to a dealership, be sure to check their website first and verify it is a reputable company. Sites like House of Cars Arizona provide full details in their listings, including car stats, price, photos, consumption, and a full description.

Auction houses (online and real-world)

If you have a particular model in mind, auction houses can often be the best place to start. Auctioneering has changed dramatically over recent years, and you’ll tend to find even the older, more traditional auction houses now feature online listings of upcoming sales. Check the websites of local and national auction houses for further details.

As always, when buying a used car, be sure to do an online check to find previous ownership details and full car history. For most people, a car is the second largest investment they make in life, so it’s worth doing thorough checks before parting with your money.


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