A Brief History of the Taxi

These days, we might think of the taxi as an everyday occurrence, but the taxi hadn’t been on our streets forever. Below is a brief history of how the taxi began and a few interesting facts you can share with family – or with your taxi driver on your next journey.

Who Originally Invented the Taxi?

The name taxi originated from the word taximeter. The taximeter was first invented in 1891 in Germany by a man named Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav Bruhn. It wasn’t until 6 years later in 1897 that the first taxi with a fully functioning taximeter inside was introduced onto our roads. This taximeter was called the Daimler Victoria and was invented by Gottlieb Daimler. Taxis were first tested and introduced in Germany, London, and Paris, with New York following suit soon after in 1907.

Why Were Taxis Yellow?

Movies often depict the stereotypical yellow taxi. Yellow taxis were first introduced in 1967 after a law was created in New York which stated that all taxis should be yellow in colour so that they were easily identifiable. This law helped cut down on the number of fraudulent taxi drivers operating in the country due to it meaning that they would either have to purchase a yellow car or pay a lot of money to change the colour of the car that they owned.

Are Taxis Available Worldwide?

Taxis are available in a number of different forms in all areas of the modern world. Taxis can be both gas-powered or human-powered, but we’ll focus on the more up to date gas-powered version. In Australia, Ford Falcons are their main minicab, however, in Afghanistan, you will usually find soviet taxi cabs. There are many other models of car that are used as taxis including the Toyota Corolla, the Toyota Prius, the Scion xB, the Hyundai Elantra and the Volkswagen Type 1. One thing’s certain, modern-day taxis come in all shapes and sizes.

The Cities that have the Most Taxis

It is hard to work out exactly which city has the most taxis, but these cities are definitely in the top 5:

  • London, England
  • Lima, Peru
  • New York City, New York
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Mexico City, Mex

Why Taxi Driving is a Good Job

Taxi drivers have two main roles. The first is to ensure that they get their passengers to their requested location as quickly and safely as possible, and the second is to try and do it by using as little fuel as possible.
All jobs come with advantages and disadvantages, taxi driving is no exception to this. Being a taxi driver can have a lot of advantages, including the ability to choose the hours you work, and the enjoyment of listening to other people’s stories. Taxi drivers can also earn a good wage, particularly if they’re willing to work evenings and weekends. Jobs for taxi drivers in London and around the world are easy to find due to the increasing demand for them.
Taxis have been around since 1897 when the first taximeter was installed in a working taxi. Since then the number of taxis has increased considerably, making getting from A to B much easier than it used to be.

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