November 18th

Born on this day in…


146 years ago

Born on this day, Victor Hémery, French champion driver of early Grand Prix motor racing Read more…


116 years ago

Born on this day, Sir Alec Issigonis, Greek born designer of the ‘Mini’ and ‘Morris Minor’ Read more…


115 years ago

Born on this day, Pierre Dreyfus, French businessman who was the vice-president of the Renault (1948-1955), and became the Renault CEO, following the death on February 11, 1955, in a road accident of Pierre Lefaucheux, the previous incumbent: he retained the position till his own retirement from the company in 1975 Read more…


90 years ago

Born on this day, Nasif Estefano, racing driver from Argentina who participated in two World Championship Formula One Grands Prix, debuting in February 1960, but scored no championship points Read more…


88 years ago

Pliny E. Holt Read more…


48 years ago

Petter “Hollywood” Solberg Read more…

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