May 20th

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182 years ago

Born on this day, Enrico Zeno Bernardi, an Italian engineer who prototyped the “Motrice Pia”, the first gasoline combustion engine (one cylinder, 122,5 cc), almost at the same time as German Karl Benz Read more…


102 years ago

Born on this day, Aldo Gordini, son of Amédée Gordini, owner of the French sports car manufacturer Gordini Read more…


97 years ago

Born on this day, Bob Sweikert, an American racing driver, best known as the winner of the 1955 Indianapolis 500 and the 1955 National Championship, as well as the 1955 Midwest Sprint car championship – the only driver in history to sweep all three in a single season Read more…


73 years ago

Born on this day, Ray Bell, German driver who won the World Sportscar C2 Championship in 1985, 1986 and 1988 Read more…


52 years ago

Tony Stewart Read more…


48 years ago

Ralph Firman Read more…

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