January 15th

Born on this day in…


153 years ago

Pierre S. du Pont Read more…


114 years ago

Born on this day, Jean Bugatti, Italian French automotive designer and engineer Read more…


99 years ago

Born on this day, Max Balchowsky, American designer and builder of the Old Yeller road race specials Read more…


89 years ago

Born on this day, Nicha Cabral, racing driver from Portugal who participated in 4 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, for Scuderia Centro Sud, Derrington Francis-ATS , debuting in 1959 Read more…


80 years ago

Born on this day, David C Read more…


70 years ago

Born on this day, David Kennedy, racing driver from the Republic of Ireland, one of his country’s first Grand Prix drivers, and is widely seen as having helped pioneer the Irish move into international racing Read more…


68 years ago

Mike Baldwin Read more…

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