February 28th

Born on this day in…


83 years ago

Born on this day, Mario Andretti, retired Italian American world champion racing driver, one of the most successful Americans in the history of the sport Read more…


75 years ago

Born on this day, Seppo Harjanne, Finnish rally co-driver best known for co-driving for Timo Salonen from 1979 to 1988 and for Tommi Mäkinen from 1990 to 1997 Read more…


70 years ago

Born on this day, Ingo Hoffmann, former racing driver from São Paulo, Brazil who participated in six Formula One Grands Prix, debuting on January 25, 1976 Read more…


63 years ago

Mikael Ericsson Read more…


62 years ago

Eric Bachelart Read more…


44 years ago

Sebastien Bourdais Read more…

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