December 6th

Born on this day in…


147 years ago

Born on this day, Fred Duesenberg, German-born American automobile pioneer designer, manufacturer and sportsman Read more…


89 years ago

Born on this day, Tico Martini, founder of Automobiles Martini, which builds road and racing cars (Formula 3 and Formula Renault) Read more…


75 years ago

Born on this day, Keke Rosberg, Finnish former racing driver and winner of the 1982 Formula One World Championship Read more…


73 years ago

Born on this day, Chris Hodgetts, British former racing driver who won the BRDC C2 Championship with Tim Harvey in 1989, the TVR Tuscan Challenge in 1990 and also drove in the World Sportscar Championship on occasion and had seven starts in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Read more…


62 years ago

Manuel Reuter Read more…

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