December 12th

Born on this day in…


141 years ago

Born on this day, Vincent Hugo Bendix, an American inventor and industrialist who founded the Bendix Corporation of Chicago in 1907 to manufacture automobiles, called Bendix Buggies Read more…


113 years ago

Eugen Bjørnstad Read more…


99 years ago

Born on this day, Ken Kavanagh, former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and racecar driver who became the first Australian to win a motorcycle Grand Prix race when he won the 1952 350cc Ulster Grand Prix Read more…


86 years ago

Born on this day, Wally Dallenbach, long-time Indy car driver from East Brunswick Township, New Jersey who drove in 180 Indy Car races between 1965 and 1979, winning five times Read more…


76 years ago

Born on this day, Emerson Fittipaldi, Brazil’s first Formula One World Champion who won the title twice, in 1972 with Lotus and 1974 with McLaren Read more…


76 years ago

Born on this day, Zorzi Renzo, former racing driver from Italy who participated in 7 Formula One Grands Prix between 1975 and 1977 Read more…

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