BMW Widebody — Easiest Way to Draw Attention

BMW vehicles are the gold standard for design and quality. Still, many car owners choose to customize their vehicles with fresh, unique, and personalized features. In these situations, BMW tuning is essential, and it is best to purchase it from experts. The experts at Renegade Design will present you with a special deal involving upgrading the car’s appearance and interior. The car’s capacity for traveling across the nation will double multiple times simultaneously and be outfitted with unique features.

Various BMW embellishments

Automobile tuning for widebody BMW comes in various classes and models, each with unique traits. For a business class vehicle, you may add an aerodynamic body package and a roof spoiler as exterior decoration. Many owners invest in overlays for the dashboard and pedals. Owners of sedans like customizing their bumpers, and adding more fenders may be an excellent way to give the vehicle a sportier look. There are several alternatives for grilles, spoilers, wheel arch linings, sills, moldings, and accessories for headlamps and bumpers for crossovers and SUVs.

Types of body kits for BMW

Any aerodynamic or sports body kits of this type are divided into numerous categories. Among them:

  • They are placed on the bumper at the rear and front of the car and on the hood and trunk lid. It is the spoilers that regulate the airflow, directing it in the right direction.
  • It is a unique design resembling an inverted wing of an airplane. The wing helps to keep the cars on the road surface.
  • Front bumper. It is the surface to which the spoilers are attached, and it protects the bottom from the oncoming airflow. The rear bumper performs similar functions.
  • Car underbody panels. They close the suspension and the bottom of the car from the impact of the oncoming airflow.
  • As for the restyling itself, you must strictly decide for what purpose you purchase a body kit for a widebody.

The most critical tuning elements

Each car enthusiast can choose the following tuning elements from Renegade Design:

  • chrome lining for mirrors, door handles, trunk, and other body elements;
  • body kit – wings, hood and window deflectors, spoilers;
  • soundproofing materials.

Chrome-plated metal parts are made of high-quality Italian alloy steel. The material does not fade over time and is resistant to external factors: sun, moisture, and wind. Body kit products will not only decorate the car but also improve aerodynamic properties, which, in turn, will reduce fuel consumption.

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